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Hinesville Police blotter for Dec. 9
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• Nov. 4, Assist citizen. 825 West Oglethorpe Highway
A Willowbrook Drive woman said she was hit by a police car while walking east  on a sidewalk on the westbound side of West Oglethorpe Highway. The woman said that around 2:30 p.m. she was on the sidewalk about to cross a driveway when she saw a Hinesville Police car at the exit of the driveway. She told police she waited for the car to move and when it didn’t she proceeded to walk in front of the car.
The woman told police the car allegedly moved forward, hitting her on the right side. She reported she turned, faced the driver and put her hands on the hood of the car to maintain her balance. The woman said she was not knocked to the ground. She said she walked to the driver’s side of the vehicle and spoke with the driver.
The woman told police she walked away from the police car and went to pay a bill. Later, she was picked up by a friend and told her friend what happened. The woman said her friend drove her to the police station to file a report. When questioned at the station, the woman told police she was injured but seemed confused about where she was injured.
Police reported the woman first rubbed the outside of her left leg and then rubbed her right side and spoke of pain from her right shoulder down to her right foot. The officer asked her if she needed medical attention and she said she would go to the hospital once they finished the conversation. The woman left the station with her friend. The driver of the police car was questioned and he said he remembered the incident but denied his car touched the woman, according to the report.
The driver said the incident occurred while he was conducting a house check. He reported he was stopped and ready to exit the driveway, looking both ways before he started forward. He said he started forward and then saw the woman standing in front of his car. The driver reported he immediately applied his brakes and stopped his car without making contact with the woman. He said she bent over to pick up something and then walked to the driver’s side of the car.
The driver said he lowered his window and the woman asked if he saw her. The driver stated he told her “Not at first.” He said the woman put her arm inside the car, pointed to his sunglasses and told him he didn’t need to wear them. She then told the driver to, “Have a blessed day,” and walked away, according to the police report.
Hinesville Police concluded the car did not make contact with the woman.

• Theft by taking (employee), 791 E.G. Miles Parkway
A convenience store manager reported that an employee had allegedly been stealing from the company since Sept. 29. The manager told police she thinks the employee has taken $700-$800. The manager said when she did inventory she noticed the money count was incorrect, according to the police report.
She told police she saw the employee stealing when she looked at the store’s security videos. The manager said the employee was called in by management and confessed to stealing and submitted a written confession.

• Nov. 17
Computer child pornography, 727 S. Main St.

A special agent from Fort Stewart’s Criminal Investigation Department called a Hinesville Police detective about a possible child pornography case.
A witness in an alleged rape case involving a former military service member gave the special agent a flash drive containing child porn. The flash drive reportedly belonged to the suspect in the rape case. The agent told the detective since the suspected offender had lived off post, the Criminal Investigation Department would not investigate the child pornography case. The detective said he would assume the investigation.

• Nov. 19
Simple battery, criminal trespass, 711 Robin Hood Drive

A Robin Hood Drive woman told police she and her daughter had an argument that turned physical. The woman said she was upset over her daughter’s decision to return to Egypt. She said her daughter became angry and broke a dish in the kitchen. The woman admitted she grabbed her daughter by the hair to prevent her from breaking more dishes. Police reported the mother and daughter promised to keep the peace.

• Nov. 20
Burglary, forced entry, 862 E.G. Miles Parkway

Hinesville Police responded to a burglary at a retail store. Officers reported the store’s front door was damaged and an iron pry bar was on the floor near the front of the store. Police also found two customer receipts and jewelry in the back of the store by some garbage cans.

• Criminal attempt to commit burglary, 501 W. Gen. Screven Way
Hinesville Police responded to an alarm at a pawn shop. The store’s front glass window was broken, police reported. A store manager arrived and told police nothing appeared to be missing, according to the police report.
The manager checked the store’s surveillance video camera, which showed three men, all wearing khaki pants, two wearing black sweatshirts with hoods and one wearing a red hoodie, police said. The three men appeared to be looking through the store’s front window on the tape, and one appeared to be holding a crowbar in his left hand. The tape showed the men fleeing when the alarm was triggered, according to the report.

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