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Hinesville Police blotter for Feb. 26
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Feb. 12, Battery (FVA), cruelty toward child third degree, 300 Brantley Drive
A Brantley Drive man told police he was sleeping on the couch when his wife woke him by screaming obscenities at him. The man said his wife went through his cell phone and found other women’s phone numbers in the phone’s address book.
The man reported when he went back to the bedroom his wife began pushing him and hitting him in the face. The man told police he pushed her to the ground to defend himself. He had scratch marks on his face and his right cheek was swollen, according to the report. The wife corroborated her husband’s story and said her husband hit her and tried to choke her, according to HPD.
Police reported the wife did not have any marks, bruising or swelling on her face or neck. Both the man and his wife told police their two daughters were sleeping during the argument. Police reported the children were awake when they arrived. Police determined the wife was the aggressor and arrested her, according to the report.

Feb. 13
Unruly juvenile, unauthorized use of vehicle, 100 Pafford St.

An Oak Street man told police he saw a bus driving at a high speed around 10:15 a.m. while he was in a dry cleaners across from a local high school. The man said he drove to the school and claimed the bus nearly struck his car.
As the bus passed the man’s car, the driver of the bus placed a hand over his face, according to the police report. The man tried to speak to the driver, but he jumped out of the bus and ran away in the direction of the school gym. The man told police he followed the driver and when he came around a corner of the building he saw two students standing outside. He identified one of the students as the bus driver, according to the report.

Aggravated assault-gun, simple assault, 641 Second St.
A Second Street man reported a man firing a gun from a moving car. The man and his friend told police they had been in a fight with seven other men at a bar in Hinesville.
Three of the seven men involved in the fight later drove up to the front of the man’s house. An occupant in the passenger back seat fired one shot, the man told police.

Felony obstruction, aggravated assault against police, affray, 718 East Oglethorpe Highway
Police responded to a fight outside a bar in Hinesville. One of the officers reported someone tried to grab his gun so he turned around and pushed the suspect away. The suspect began punching the officer in the face with a closed fist, according to the report. The suspect punched the officer on the right side of his face three times as police tried to take him into custody.
The officer deployed his OC spray into the suspect’s face and eyes, he reported. The suspect and officer fell to the ground, where police handcuffed the suspect. After being treated at a hospital emergency room, the suspect was taken to jail.

Possession of marijuana with intent, possession of drug related items and narcotic equipment, Kacey Drive
Police initiated a traffic stop on a car that did not have a working tag light. While checking the driver’s information, the K-9 officer had his narcotics detector dog conduct a free-air sniff around the car. The dog gave a positive response, according to the HPD report.
The driver admitted to smoking marijuana before police stopped him, the officer reported. The driver told police he threw the marijuana cigarette out the window. Officers searched the car and found a digital scale under the driver’s seat, traces of marijuana on the floorboard and inside a cup, as well as inside the car’s center console, according to the police report.

Feb. 14
Simple battery, 565 Oglethorpe Highway

A Hinesville woman told police that while she was in a movie theater her cell phone lit up, signaling a call. She reported that a man sitting beside her told her to turn off her phone or he would throw it away. When she refused to turn her phone off, the man lit up his phone and held it in front of her face. When she showed no reaction, the man stood up, stomped on her foot and walked out of the theater, according to the police report.
The woman told police she followed him to the lobby and when he saw her he went into the men’s restroom. While the woman was on the phone with 911 the man stepped out of the restroom and left the theater, she reported. The man ran out to the parking lot and drove off at a high speed in a red pickup, the woman told police.

Simple battery (FVA), cruelty toward child, possession of marijuana, 302 W. Gen. Stewart Way
A Gen. Stewart Way woman called 911 to tell them her boyfriend had a gun and was pointing it at her. Before police arrived at the woman’s home, 911 informed the reporting officer the boyfriend had hidden the gun. Police reported they saw a woman lying on the ground with a cell phone in her hand when they drove up to the home. The boyfriend came toward the reporting officer’s patrol car in an aggressive manner, according to HPD.
Police handcuffed the boyfriend and got the woman’s permission to search her home for the missing gun. The reporting officer said a small child ran into the home’s laundry room to inform him his mother got pushed to the ground. The officer had the child wait in the living room with the other police officer while he searched for the gun.
Police found the gun, a ruger 9mm pistol, inside a dog food bag and found a bag of marijuana in a laundry basket, according to the police report.

Feb. 15
Simple battery, criminal trespass, 508 Eisenhower Drive
An Eisenhower Drive woman told police her “soon-to-be” ex-boyfriend “freaked out” when she came to get her belongings. He broke her car’s back window and threw a bag containing her things at her, she reported. Before she could lock the passenger side car door, her ex-boyfriend opened it and grabbed the top part of her clothes and tried to pull her out of the car, the woman told police.
Officers questioned the ex-boyfriend who told police he didn’t remember the incident and that he “blacked out.” The boyfriend’s right hand had cuts and was swollen, according to the police report. The woman had a mark on her forehead and swelling and redness to her face and marks on her chest below the neck, police reported. These marks indicated someone grabbed her and attempted to pull her from the car, according to HPD.

Shoplifting, 555 West Oglethorpe Highway

A supermarket employee told police a man removed a five-piece pack of gum from a store shelf, walked to the wine aisle where he removed the wrapper and put a stick of gum in his mouth. The man then tossed the wrapper on the ground and placed the open pack of gum with its remaining four pieces on another shelf, the employee reported.

Feb. 16
Vicious animal, 223 Glenn Bryant Road

A Glenn Bryant Road woman told police she was sitting on her porch smoking a cigarette when a pit bull came around the corner of her home and growled at her, forcing her back into her home.
The reporting officer said when he arrived at the woman’s home, the dog growled at him and forced him back into his patrol car. After the dog returned to its yard the officer was able to speak with the woman.
Animal control arrived and tried to catch the dog but the dog ran away growling, according to HPD. The dog’s owner arrived and was informed about the dog’s activity. The owner told animal control to take the dog because it was causing her too much trouble, according to the report.

Shoplifting, 755 W. Oglethorpe Highway
A store owner told police a woman grabbed a wig from his store’s top shelf and placed it in the front of her pants. The owner said he shouted at her to stop and she ran from the store. The owner chased the woman into the parking lot where they ran around for a few minutes and then she ran back into the store, according to the police report.
The owner locked the store’s front doors and called police. The woman told police she did not take anything and the only reason she ran was because the owner yelled at her.
The wig was found after police searched the area where the woman had been, according to the report. The owner told police the wig cannot be sold because of where the woman had previously hidden it.

Feb. 17
Mental patient, 433 Martin Road

A Martin Road woman told police her father was mentally unstable and acting in a violent manner. Officers spoke to the father who seemed calm and said he had been having trouble with his other daughter and her ex-boyfriend. The father had a loaded .38 caliber revolver lying on his couch with his jacket, according to the police report.
The father told police when they left he would take the pistol and kill the ex-boyfriend. The reporting officer unloaded the pistol and gave it and the bullets to the man’s daughter to put away.
The father told police he was on medication for a mental breakdown that occurred several months before. He was taken to a hospital to undergo a mental evaluation, according to the police report.

Sexual battery, 248 W. Gen. Screven Way
A woman told police she was inside a laundromat when a man walked by her, squeezed her buttocks and walked out of the business.
She told police she initially saw the man sitting on the bench inside the laundromat and that he was not washing clothes. The woman said she kept her eye on the man because her purse was sitting open on top of a washing machine, according to the report.
She told police the man was wearing layers of clothing with plastic bags filled with clothing tied to the outside of his brown jacket. Police attempted to locate the man but could not find him.

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