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Hinesville Police blotter for March 11
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March 2: Stalking, Atkinson Drive: An Atkinson Drive woman told police her ex-boyfriend had been stalking her since they broke up in 2007.
The woman had called police to report someone was attempting to open her garage door around 11:40 p.m. When she looked outside, she reportedly saw a car belonging to her ex-boyfriend drive away, according to a Hinesville police report.
She also said a neighbor saw the ex-boyfriend attempt to open her garage door in January. According to the HPD report, the woman’s neighbors chased the ex-boyfriend but were not able to catch up to him.
The woman told police she realized her car keys and garage-door opener had been missing since Jan. 13.
She said her ex-boyfriend has been e-mailing and texting her and has been seen driving by her home, according to the police report.

March 3
• Driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing or attempting to elude, obstruction
  Bagley Avenue

Police reported a Bagley Avenue man sped up to flee from officers when police attempted a traffic stop after spotting a broken taillight on the man’s car.
A Hinesville police officer saw the man pull into his driveway at a high rate of speed, cross over the driveway and circle around the side of his home, according to the police report.
The arresting officer stated the man appeared to be trying to “lose” him but was forced to stop the car because of thick woods located behind the man’s house.
Once the car came to a stop, the man jumped out of the car and began to run from the scene, according to the police report. The officer reported he gave chase, losing sight of the man in the woods.
A short time later, other police officers found and detained the man, according to the report. While searching the man, the arresting officer said he detected a strong odor of alcohol, according to the report.
The officer also reported the man vomited in the backseat area of the patrol car during transport to the station.
The man was given a Breathalyzer and tested 0.124 and 0.126 in two respective samples, according to the HPD.

• Suspicious acts
  Main Street

A Main Street woman told police she heard someone trying to kick in her front door.
The woman, who was upstairs in the home, called downstairs to a visiting relative who was sleeping on the couch, according to the police report.
The relative told police he also heard the noise at the front door, and then heard someone trying to open the back door.
The relative said he saw a man walking away from the home when he went outside to check, according to the police report.

March 4
• Medical emergency
  Desert Storm Drive

The mother of a Desert Storm Drive woman told police her daughter called her for help just after midnight.
The woman told her mother she was not well and was scared, according to the police report. The mother told police her daughter had been under a lot of stress and may have been experiencing postpartum depression.
Police reported the woman was sitting on her couch with her eyes rolled back into her head, with her hands waving in the air and singing.
The woman told police she had consumed one beer and had smoked “spice.” She spoke slowly and in a sing-song fashion, according to the report.
EMS arrived on scene and MACE was informed of the situation, officers reported.
The woman told police she bought the spice (watermelon-scented potpourri) from a Savannah convenience store.
The officer reported that after an hour on scene the woman was becoming more alert but her leg was shaking, she could not keep her eyes open and she was vomiting.

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