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Hinesville Police blotter for March 25
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Sale of alcohol to a minor/Failure to request proper ID
March 5
Airport Road, Hinesville

Police conducted a sting operation using an undercover informant, who was under 21 years of age, to buy a six-pack of beer at a store off Airport Road. The informant was not asked for ID and the sales clerk sold him a six-pack. The clerk was cited, fingerprinted and photographed for the violations and released with a court date.

Hit and run-vehicle to pedestrian
March 19
100 Pafford Street, Hinesville

A student on her way to school was walking through the parking lot of Bradwell Institute when she was struck on her left arm and leg by a vehicle described as a metallic/tan Lincoln Town car. The car sped off. The impact left the teenager with bruises and anyone who has information regarding the incident is asked to call Hinesville Police Department.

Criminal Trespass/cruelty to animals
March 21
Wildwood Drive, Hinesville

A homeowner came home in the middle of the day to find that one of his dogs had been cut along the back with a steak knife. The dogs were within the homeowner’s fenced yard and the dog was found bleeding by the front door with the knife next to him. The dog was taken to the veterinarian for treatment and the knife was turned over to police.

Disruption during court
March 21
Martin Luther King Drive, Hinesville

A judge ordered officers to confiscate and destroy the cell phone of a man who failed to turn off the phone during court proceedings. The phone began to ring during court causing a disruption. The phone was confiscated by HPD.

Cruelty to animals
March 21
Glenn Bryant, Hinesville

Police arrived at the residence of a man who found one of his 11-week-old puppies, hanging from a tree. The man checked on his puppies around 11 p.m. before going to bed. Unable to sleep he took a shower and went to check on the puppies again only to find that his pit-bull puppy had been hung by a noose from a tree limb. The man rushed to help the puppy that was still warm but was already dead. The man brought the rest of his puppies indoors for safekeeping. The case was turned over to detectives.
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