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Hinesville Police blotter for May 4
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Shots fired
April 20, 2007
Whitetail Circle

Police arrived at a residential neighborhood in response to a man firing a pellet gun at birds. The neighbors were concerned a pellet would inadvertently hit children playing in their yards. Police met with the man who told them he was shooting BBs at squirrels because they ruined his garden. Police informed the man of the city ordinances regarding the discharge of a firearm in the city.

Accidental discharge (gun)
April 23, 2007
Cherokee Circle

A woman was reportedly cleaning her newly purchased gun when it discharged and a bullet struck her in the foot. She was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Simple battery
April 24, 2007
East Oglethorpe Highway (LCRD)

A man who was trying to start track team practice said he was pushed by an assistant coach in front of the children. The man felt it was necessary to call 911 after the incident. The assistant coach told police he did push the man and knew it was wrong, indicating next time he would just walk away. Police informed them about warrant procedures.

Investigate suspicious activity
April 24, 2007
Long Frasier Drive

Lewis Frasier Middle School was placed under a lockdown when .22 caliber bullets were discovered on school grounds. On April 23, a student found a .22 caliber bullet behind the school where the bus ramp is and turned it over to the administration. The following morning another bullet was found in the same are by a faculty member of the school. MACE was called the K-9 units from Chatham County and a lockdown was ordered while the area was searched. Four additional bullets were found around the area of the bus ramp. Most of the bullets were damaged beyond use as if they were run over several times by vehicles.

Theft of services cab fare
April 25, 2007
Welborn Street

A cab driver told police a customer ran out of the cab without paying the fare. Police later saw the man walking and approached him. He was reportedly drunk and belligerent and still refused to pay the fare. The offender was arrested and charged with public drunkenness.

Theft by taking dogs
April 25, 2007
Bacon Road

A man reported two 8-week-old puppies were taken from a dog pen in his backyard. Police found a shoe print on the roof of the doghouse and saw that posts on the pen were bent.

Driving while license was suspended
April 25, 2007
Harrison Drive and Gen. Stewart way

Police stopped a vehicle because loud music could be heard from its radio. The driver provided officers with an identification card instead of a driver’s license. It was determined the offender’s driver’s license was suspended. He was cited for the loud music and suspended license, and taken to jail.

April 25, 2007
Desert Storm Drive

Police clocked a red Ford truck and pulled the driver over for speeding. A check revealed the offender’s license was suspended. The driver tested positive for alcohol (.13), charged and turned over to Fort Stewart military police.

--Patty Leon

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