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Hinesville Police blotter for Nov. 27
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• Nov. 3, Suspicious activity, 101 Hall St.
A Hall Street woman told police a moving company she found on a Web site behaved suspiciously. The woman said she called the company and spoke with a representative. The representative allegedly told
her the company would send her paperwork, which would authorize them to charge
her credit card. The woman said the representative asked her to sign the paperwork and e-mail or fax it back to them.
The woman told the company she did not have a scanner, printer or fax machine. She was told the movers could bring a copy of the paperwork with them. The woman provided her card information to the representative and set up an appointment.
Later, she said the moving company representative called back on the appointment date and told the woman the company never received the authorization paperwork. The representative said the woman needed to sign the paperwork to keep the appointment. The woman said she was told to return the confirmation within 30 minutes.
She said she told the representative she did not like the way the transaction was being handled and she wanted to cancel the appointment. The woman told police the representative said she would be charged a $275 cancellation fee.
The woman then found her bank account was overdrawn, according to the police report. The woman checked her account online and discovered that three separate charges were billed to her account by the moving company: one for $1,000, one for $50 and one for $1. She told police she spoke with a bank representative and canceled the charges.
The woman said when she tried to call the moving company, she was unable to reach a representative.
The woman then tried another number for the company and said a representative hung up on her. She told police the initial amount she agreed on for services was $406.
When a police officer called the moving company and asked to speak with a representative, the officer was told the money that was withdrawn from the woman’s account was to cover any overages and incidental costs. The representative hung up on the officer. Police advised the woman to cancel her credit card.

• Nov. 5, Indecent exposure, mental subject, 804 Frank Cochran Drive
A woman told police her mother had exposed herself to a neighbor. Officers spoke to the neighbor, who said she was seated outside when the woman’s mother walked up to her completely naked.
The neighbor asked the woman what she was doing. The mother bent over with her backside to the neighbor and used profane language. The neighbor told police she was disturbed by the incident and went to tell the daughter what happened.
The daughter told police her mother was mentally ill and was not taking her medication. Police officers reported they spoke with the mother, who admitted she exposed herself to the neighbor. She also told police she hears voices of children and said,” they are always trying to look under my dress so I went outside and showed them,” according to the police report.
The mother said she did not have the medication she needed and wanted to get medical attention for her condition, police reported. Officers gave her a courtesy ride to the hospital and no charges were filed.
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