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Hinesville Police blotter for Oct. 18
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Sept. 20, Discharging firearms within city limits, 112 Cherokee Circle
Police responded to an anonymous call of shots being fired. Upon arrival, officers found several people in the road fighting. Police broke up the crowd and told the individuals to leave.
One of the residents in the area approached police and told them he had heard three shots fired and had run outside to check. He said he saw a vehicle in the road. The resident told police he could not tell where the gunshots came from and did not know who might have a gun.
Six shell casings, possibly from 9 millimeter lugers, were found in the grass to the right of the resident’s driveway. The casings were lying in a zig zag pattern.

Simple assault/simple battery, criminal trespass (FVA), cruelty toward child, 804 Frank Cochran Drive
A woman told police she had recently moved to the area from Ohio and was temporarily staying with her sister. The woman’s brother, who had been drinking alcohol, also was at the home. He had an aquarium in the apartment. The incident began when the woman’s child put pieces of cheese into the aquarium. The brother yelled at the child and told him to stand in the corner.
The woman told her brother not to speak to her child that way and said she had already disciplined him for the misbehavior. Her brother became angry, she said, and kicked her in the left knee. The woman said she yelled at her brother and he then hit her in the left eye. The brother left the apartment, walked to the parking lot and punched his sister’s car windshield.
The woman told her brother she was calling the police, walked back into the apartment and locked the door. Her brother came back to the apartment and began banging on the front door. He left after she again told him she was calling the police.
Police searched the apartment complex area but were unable to locate the brother. The woman had two children at the apartment. One child witnessed the altercation the other was in a back bedroom and heard it. The woman’s younger sister and her husband also were in the apartment but denied seeing or hearing the incident.

Criminal trespass, 1122 S. Main St.
A woman called police about damage at her mobile home. Someone had put super glue in the locks of the doors and had cut her cable wire. The woman told officers she believed her soon-to-be ex-husband had caused the damages. She said he lived within walking distance.

Identity theft, 214 Hall St.
A woman told police she and a friend share a MySpace account. The friend told the woman that the password was not working. The woman then tried to log on herself but the password did not work. She told police she then realized her online passwords had been changed.
The woman also discovered someone had uploaded photos of her and of her son onto different Web sites. The person who took control of her accounts then contacted her and told her he was going to post all of her photos online.
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