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Hinesville Police blotter for Oct. 7
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Sept. 18, DUI habitual violator, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on the wrong side of the road, Frank Cochran Drive
A Hinesville police officer initiated a traffic stop when the driver of a blue Ford pick-up exited a local bar’s parking lot and drove south in the northbound lane of Frank Cochran Drive.
When the officer opened the man’s door he fell out onto the ground and rolled into a ditch. The officer persuaded the man to walk toward his patrol car, but the man again fell to the ground. As the officer spoke with the man, he smelled alcohol and noticed the man’s slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. The man said he may have drunk 12 beers. The officer also found a plastic cup of beer sitting on the floor on the passenger side of the man’s car.
A second officer arrived and administered standardized field sobriety tests on the man. The man was found to be over the legal limit to drive. The man, once arrested and booked, was found to have had a revoked license since 1994 and had a record as a habitual violator.

Simple battery, criminal trespass, 861 Lyndsi Lane
A woman walked into the Hinesville police station and told police she and her husband got into a fight over the contents of the husband’s cell phone. The woman said she found items on the cell phone that should not have been on it, and that she pushed her husband.
The woman reported her husband then put a towel around her face and neck and choked her. The woman said her husband then broke her cell phone. The woman told police her husband left for work on Fort Stewart after the incident.

Sept. 19, Shoplifting, 751 West Oglethorpe Highway
A Wal-Mart employee told police four people, two men and two women, were involved in stealing three laptop computers valued at $850 each from the store. The suspects were caught on video camera.

Simple battery, cruelty toward child second degree, DFCS referral, 508 Frasier Road
A woman told police her husband had been watching pornography in the presence of the couple’s 4-year-old and a few other children in the home. The woman said she directed the children to cover their eyes and questioned her husband.
The husband admitted the allegations were true, but said he did not like the aggressive way his wife questioned him. The man said his wife threw a remote control at him and they began to yell and shove each other.
Friends who were at the couple’s house took their children and left, leaving the couple’s child behind. The woman had a small reddish mark on the left side of her face near her temple. The husband had no physical injuries and both had been drinking. The Department of Family and Children’s Services was contacted.

Sept. 20, Counterfeiting, 791 E. G. Miles Parkway
A merchant told police a woman came into the convenience store to pay for gas and paid with a $5 counterfeit bill and three real $1 bills. The counterfeit bill was placed into evidence.

Discharging a firearm within the city limits, 600 Taylor Road
Police were called when shell casings were found in a parking lot in front of an apartment building. While police were on their way to the scene, they were told officers on a previous shift had responded to a complaint of shots being fired.
A woman at the apartment complex told police she found the shell casings in front of her apartment building and heard several gunshots at 4:30 a.m., but did not call 911. Officers reported the shell casings included five used 9-millimeter casings and were spread over a distance of about 40 feet.
Police spoke to other residents at the apartment complex, who admitted to hearing the gunshots but no one looked outside to see what was going on.

Possession of marijuana with intent, tools for the crime, 300 Brantley Drive
A police officer conducted a traffic stop on a driver for not wearing his seat belt. The officer asked the driver if he had anything illegal in his vehicle and he replied he did not and gave consent to police to search his car.
Police found a small bag of marijuana in the center console. The driver told police it was just a $5 sack and he bought it from a man who lived in a nearby mobile home park. Police took the marijuana into custody. Officers then contacted the woman who rented the mobile home where the marijuana was purchased.
She let police into the trailer. Officers said they smelled burning marijuana as they entered. The woman called the other tenants into the front room. The woman told police there was marijuana in the trailer, but said it did not belong to any of the tenants. The woman led police to a back bedroom and handed them a plastic Wal-Mart bag. There were several large bags of marijuana and a set of digital scales in the bag. MACE was contacted to investigate further.
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