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Hinesville Police blotter Nov. 16

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple assault — Police were sent to a Hinesville address regarding a domestic dispute in which a man said his wife pulled a gun on him. The man told 911 he was “locked in the sun room with no way out and she was still in the house.”

So, four officers responded and surrounded the house. They found the woman in the garage, and police split up to talk to the husband and wife. Here’s what they told officers.

The woman said she and her husband haven’t had a great relationship since earlier this year and said she caught him cheating.

“She said he was retired and does nothing around the house but stay on his phone and computer. She advised at times it gets more frustrating than others and today was one of those days,” the report said. “She wanted to talk to (her husband) about their relationship but (he) did not want to talk.”

So, the woman said when she got home from work she “did her chores and asked (her husband) to have a talk. (He) remained seated in the sun room,” the report said. “(She) advised she went into the bedroom and got a handgun (a Glock 19)  and returned to the living room, placed it on the table and asked (her husband) if he wanted to ‘talk now.’”

The man’s story was slightly different. He said he was watching TV and she was vacuuming when she told him “You need to get a job,” the report said, and he told her no, he was retired.

“She left the room and came back with the gun and uttered something, he couldn’t remember. She pointed the handgun at him. She then walked out of the room and continued to vacuum while holding the gun in her hand. She finished vacuuming and put the gun away,” the report said.

The woman was arrested and charged with simple assault.

Theft — An officer was sent to Woodwind South condos Nov. 9 “in reference to a stolen Frigidaire refrigerator,” a report said. The complainant, a representative of a local realty company, said she found out the refrigerator was missing when she inspected the property. She said a colleague showed the property on Nov. 7 and wasn’t sure if the “refrigerator was there during that time.”

The complainant said the last time she saw the refrigerator was a couple of months ago, before the last folks to live there moved out.

The officer noted there was no sign of forced entry. The lady from the real estate company said she’s let the owner of the condo know the refrigerator was gone.

Theft — A woman reported Nov. 9 she went through the self-checkout in Walmart and got $100 cash back, but “because she was distracted, she forgot to remove the money from the tray and walked off. When she realized she had left the money a few minutes later, she came back to the store.”

The money was gone, of course, but the woman talked to Walmart security, who called police. They checked video footage and spotted “a middle aged white male with a white button shirt with blue stripes and blue jeans reach for the money in the tray and purchase a six pack of beer,” the report said. “Because the beer requires an attendant to verify the customer’s age, the attendee took the male’s ID card and punched in her code as well as the male’s date of birth (a 1971 birth date). While she was doing so, the male took out his wallet and placed the money into the wallet.”

The man then walked over to McDonald’s, then left the store and got into an “older model, red pickup,” and drove away. A detective was notified.

Accidental damage — An officer was tasked Nov. 7 with filing a report on the following damage to HPD: “I made contact with (a man) who informed me that on 11-05-16 at approximately 1630 hours, while he was pressure washing the front of the building, while utilizing a mechanical lift, he positioned the lift too close to the building which damaged part of the metal roofing and trim that surrounded the front entrance of the building.”

Criminal trespass — An officer was sent to a home because a man and woman were yelling at each other in the driveway. When he got there, the officer separated the pair and spoke to the man first. He said he and the woman have a child together, and when he got there to give her a ride to work he discovered text messages in her phone “that indicated she was cheating on him,” the report said, noting an argument started and the couple fought over the cell phone.

That struggle continued outside, where the man then took the woman’s child car seats out of his car because he wasn’t going to give her a ride to work. The woman “picked up one of the car seats and started to hit the side of (the man’s) vehicle.”

It was enough to dent the car, and the officer also noted a cut above the man’s eye but he said he was OK and the cut must’ve happened during the struggle.

The officer then spoke with the woman, who told basically the same story but claimed the dents “happened when she pushed him into the vehicle.” The officer told the woman “it was impossible for the human body to cause a dent in the gas cap door like the one on (the man’s) vehicle. She then told me she took one of car seats and hit his vehicle with it.”

She was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Simple battery — A man reported Nov. 7 his wife hit him “with a pole.” The officer first spoke with the woman, who said her husband “was cheating on her because he gave her an urinary tract infection. She stated she hit (her husband).”
The man told the same story except she “began hitting him with a purse on his upper body.” He also said he already knew warrant procedures.

Lost property —A man went to HPD to report he lost his gun Nov. 2. The man said he was in his driveway carrying his “Springfield Armory XDS-45 in a holster. He was going out with his wife but his vehicle was blocking his wife’s car in. He placed his weapon on top of his wife’s vehicle and moved his truck. Then he got into his wife’s vehicle and they drove off. He forgot about the weapon on top of the car. When he arrived to Midway, he realized he left his holstered weapon on the roof of the car. He back tracked but was unable to locate it.”

Police entered the serial number into GCIC.

Fraud — A woman reported Nov. 2 she got a phone call in June from her time-share company offering a special offer — if she paid $1,999 in the “maintenance reinvestment program” she wouldn’t have maintenance fees for the next 10 years. The woman said she wanted to do that and gave the caller her bank information and made an electronic payment.

The woman said she was gone for the summer and didn’t think about it until Nov. 2, when she called her time share company to ask about the receipt. They said they never got the payment, so the woman went to her bank and they printed out a receipt that showed the electronic check was made out to “our vacation center.” The woman’s time share company told her that company isn’t associated with them.

The woman said she didn’t have any contact info for the caller. She was given a case number.

Theft — Police were sent to Walmart on Oct. 26 regarding an employee who swiped an energy drink and 60-inch TV.

The report said an “associate” was spotted on video “selecting a Monster energy drink and a 60” Samsung brand UHD television from the sales floor on 10/13/16 and then removed it from the building without paying for it.”

The associate was named, and the complainant said he was able to get the TV out by pulling it out through a back door by the tire and lube service bay because that department was closed at the time.

Police are investigating, the report said.

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