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Hinesville Police blotters for June 14
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• Driving under the influence/resisting arrest/terroristic threats
May 15
Memorial Drive/Gause Street
A patrolling officer pulled over a silver truck when it pulled out of a gas station with an orange traffic barrel lodged under it. After pulling him over, the officer asked the driver about the barrel and the man said he didn’t even know it was there. Because he also reeked of alcohol, the officer asked him to take a field sobriety test and he agreed, but refused a breath test. After failing the field test, the officer placed him under arrest and put him in his squad car while he searched the man’s car.
The man kicked the passenger side rear window out of track and was then placed in shackles outside until another squad car was available. When placed in the second squad car the man began to beat his head against the window until his nose bled. When the officer opened the car door to try and restrain him, the suspect kicked the officer in the stomach and threatened to kill them when he got out of jail and hurt his family.

• Hazardous material incident
May 19
Highway 84/Mcarthur Street
A tanker was spilling a clear liquid onto the road on Highway 84 when an officer pulled over the vehicle. The driver told the officer the liquid was caustic soda. The office looked in the emergency response handbook and found that the substance was non-combustible but was both toxic and corrosive and that is was both a contact and inhalation hazard. The officer called the fire department and the authorities cleaned up the waste as well as identified the malfunctioning part on the tanker.

• Fraud-swindle
May 20
EG Miles Parkway
A Burger King clerk got swindled when two men entered and ordered food. After the first man ordered, the second ordered and paid with a $50 bill, then in the middle of the transaction he asked for change for a $100 bill, then asked for all the money back. She said the transactions happened quickly and she’s unaware of how, but at some point he grabbed all the money, including what she had laid out as change, and left without his food. The other man got his food and then left. When the cashier realized what happened she called for help.
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