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Hinesville Police Department blotter
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Dec. 20: Animal Cruelty — A resident in the 800 block of Kings Road reported that a stray dog with swollen genitals had jumped his fence and tried to mate with his dog, so he called animal control and requested that the dog be removed from his yard. The animal control officer found that the dog had a microchip registered to the resident who complained, so the officer asked the man why he complained that the dog was a stray and did not take it to the veterinarian. The man said he does not have the money to provide care to the animal. The officer advised police that the swelling is causing the dog pain, and there is a possibility of the area becoming infected, which could be a life-threatening condition for the dog. When police contacted the resident, he admitted to lying to animal control about the dog being a stray and said he wanted animal control to provide care to the dog because he cannot afford it. The animal-control officer said he will pursue a warrant for animal cruelty against the man.

Affray (accidental injury) —A Snelson-Golden Middle School teacher said she was injured while trying to break up a fight between two female students. She said she stepped between them and was hit repeatedly. Officers observed a bruise on her and a lump on the back of her head. The students reportedly were suspended for five days, but the teacher said she may return later to sign a juvenile complaint form for both students.

Dec. 21

Burglary — A mobile home resident in the 700 block of South Main Street reported a burglary in which items were taken from two residents’ bedrooms and several other items were ruined. The responding officer did not notice forced entry but saw several items strewn about. The damage included a $1,200 TV, $1,500 in currency, a $600 laptop, a gaming console and several games and accessories.

Burglary — A resident in the 970 block of Shady Lane reported that someone took two game consoles, valued at $600 total, from his home while he was away. The officer said there were no signs of forced entry.

Burglary (forced entry) — A real-estate property manager reported that a vacant residence in the 2300 block of Rowe Street had been entered and a refrigerator and stove were missing. There was evidence of forced entry, and tire tracks were in the yard.

Burglary (forced entry) — A resident in the 100 block of Devereaux Road reported that someone entered his home through the back door, emptied the contents of a purse onto the floor and took two game consoles, games and 70 DVDs. The items were valued at $800. There was evidence of forced entry, and tire tracks were in the yard.

Theft by taking — A resident in the 700 block of Sharon Street reported that $500 cash was taken from her room and that her ex-boyfriend sent her a text saying he bought something with “money I got our ur wallet lol.” Earlier in the day, officers escorted the ex-boyfriend into the woman’s residence to collect a game console, and she said he may have retrieved the money while he was at the house.

Shoplifting — Three women were cited for shoplifting after a Walmart employee reported that three females with children were placing items in their personal bags and left the store without paying. The women had relatives come pick up their children and were taken to HPD for processing and were bonded out. The items stolen include several perfumes, ear phones, clothing and jewelry.

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