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Hinesville Police Department blotter April 28
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Disorderly conduct
Black Willow Drive
April 17

On April 20, an officer met with a complainant at HPD in reference to an argument between the complainant/victim and her boyfriend on April 17 at approximately 7:10 a.m. During the argument, the boyfriend grabbed a butcher knife and took a step toward her. She said he held the knife with his right hand away from his body. She told him if he pulls a knife on her, he better intend to use it. She then walked out to go to work.

Suspicious activity - animal problem
Kelly Drive
April 18

An officer was dispatched to check a report of suspicious activity involving an animal. The complainant told the officer that about 10:08 p.m. he found his dog dead in his backyard. The last time he saw the dog alive was ar 5 a.m. when he left for work. He said the dog was acting strange then, drooling foam and not responding to calls. When he came home and checked on the dog it was dead. The officer called Animal Control in case the dog had contracted a disease. The Animal Control officer did not suspect the dog had a disease and she informed the owner he was responsible for disposing of the dog. The officer searched the area for footprints or anything suspicious that would show the dog may have been poisoned but nothing was found.

Harassing communication
Ridgewood Way
April 20

An officer spoke to the complainant who said his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend called him and told him not to call her anymore or he would come to Hinesville and shoot him. The complainant said he does not have any other information on his ex's current boyfriend other than he lives in Jesup. The officer tried to call the ex and her current boyfriend but they had yet to respond. The complainant was advised of house check procedures and instructed to contact HPD with any new information.
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