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Hinesville Police Department blotter May 6
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April 14
Simple battery
South Main St.

Police responded to a domestic dispute which reportedly started when a woman told her boyfriend she was going to leave and take all her things from the apartment they were sharing. The woman reported she was thrown around after he grabbed her to stop her from leaving. She told the officer that is when she got in her car and called 911. The officer began to take her statement and was told the man had gone to the woman's mother's house. The officer reports he advised her on warrant procedures and she became upset that the officer was not going to go arrest the man at her mother's house. She said he ran over there when she called the cops. Upset that he was not going to be arrested she withdrew her request to press charges.
The officer searched for the man to get his statement and found him walking on near Wal-Mart. The man denied the woman's version of the story, saying she drove him to her mother's house knowing he would not have a way to get back to the apartment. He said, she then called him while at the apartment to inform him she was leaving and taking everything with her. He said he doesn't want her to leave so he found a ride back to the apartment where they began to argue. He denied throwing her around, telling the officer he grabbed her in a bear hug so she would not leave. He told the officer he ran when she called police because he thought he was going to be arrested. A witness corroborated the man's account of the bear hug, saying he did not harm her.

April 15
Possession of marijuana less than an ounce
Pafford St.

Officer Damien Butler received a call and was informed by the principal of Bradwell Institute that a small plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana was found in a boy's bathroom located in the bandroom. Butler called the Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force to assist in the investigation, which led to the arrest of an 18-year-old man.  He was processed at HPD and given a court date before being taken to jail.

April 18
Simple batter (family violence act)
Frank Cochran Dr.

Officer Darel Shatzer and assisting units responded to a call about a woman being beaten. The officers found the woman and noticed she had marks on her neck and a swollen eye and began to question the man who allegedly hit her. He denied the incident saying they were only engaged in an argument. The woman reported the incident started when she saw the man talking to another woman outside of a hotel. The woman said she wanted to avoid a fight and decided to walk away when he spotted. She reported he suddenly came after her and when he caught up with her they began to argue and then he began to hit her multiple times. Officers spoke with a witness who said he did see the man strike the woman and that it was not the first time he allegedly hit her. He was arrested for simple battery. She was informed of her rights as a victim and how to reach Tri-County Protective Services.

April 18
Simple battery (family violence act)
Terroristic threats
Pointing a gun at a person
E.G. Miles Parkway

Office Joseph de la Torre reported that a daughter's visit turned into a physical altercation allegedly involving a gun. A man called the officers when he said his daughter' mother dropped off his daughter for their visit. He said the problem was the mother brought her new boyfriend with her to his house. He told officers they argued when the woman stepped out of the car and allegedly started pulling his hair and ripped his shirt. He said she warned him not to start any trouble because her boyfriend had something for him. He looked into the car and reported he saw the boyfriend point a gun in his direction. The victim's mother, who lives next door, told officers she witnessed and heard everything except she did not see if the boyfriend had a gun. She did say that she noticed him hiding something in his waistband. The couple had left the area before the officers arrived.

April 18
Abusive-obscene language at school
Long Frasier Dr.

A teacher at Frank Long Elementary told officer John Williams she feared for her safety after a woman confronted her at the school. The teacher said she was driving and started to pass a slow-moving car that she had seen other drivers pass. She said the other drive suddenly sped up along side her and started to yell at her. The teacher reported she did get passed the other car, thinking nothing more about the incident until she noticed the woman pulled up next to her in the school parking lot. The teacher said the opther woman had children in the car, but suddenly got out and began to follow the teacher as she walked to the school. The teacher said the woman used profane language at her in the presence of other teachers and children. She said the woman also pointed her fingers at her in a threatening manner. Teacher said she didn't stop walking until she was in the building, when the woman stopped following. Two other teachers who witnessed the incident reported the incident happened as described and added that they fear what the woman could have done if not for all the witnesses. The teacher said she saw the woman pulling up to drop off her children at the school as if nothing happened. She was told about temporary protective orders and warrant procedures.

April 18
Shots fired
East Oglethorpe Highway

A sweet 16 party turned into chaos as officers responded to the San's Hotel after receiving reports of shots fired in the area and a reported fight. Officer Charles Whitsel spoke with the manager who said the ballroom was rented out for the party, but the contract holder violated the contract by not providing security. The manager said the agreement states that the contract holder is responsible for providing security if more than 100 people were to attend. The manager said they were shutting down the party and everyone was in the parking lot, they heard shots. Everyone began to scatter. As the officer spoke with the manager and contract holder a young man walked up to the officer and reported he had been punched in the lip. The officer said the young man was holding his lips, which were bleeding. The young man was taken to the emergency room at Liberty Regional Medical Center where an officer met with him.  The young man reported he was talking with a girl when another guy came up to speak with her. He said the girl did not want to talk to the guy and pushed him away. He went back to talk with her and the guy came up behind him and punched him in the lip. The young man reportedly identified his assailant by first name only and told the officers the guy is a member of the Pointe South Boys Street gang and that he spoke funny. With the information the officer checked with a member of HPD's Crime Suppression Unit, who knew the suspect. Warrant procedures were advised.

April 18
Improper equipment
Possession of cocaine
Possession of marijuana
W. Gen. Screven Way

While on routine patrol, officer Michael Troutman observed what appeared to him as suspicious activity in the parking lot of the Stewart Way apartments. A man who was leaning into the window of an SUV being driven by a woman reportedly got into the SUV when he spotted the officer headed in their direction. Troutman reported he noticed her back up lights did not come on, and he followed the SUV. The officer started to pull it over when he reportedly saw the man throw something out the passenger window. Troutman called for back up and instructed the driver and passenger to place their hands in plain sight and not move. As assistance arrived the officer walked to where he saw the passenger throw objects out of the vehicle and he found a small clear plastic bag that had what he thought was marijuana and another small yellow plastic baggie with a white substance he suspects is cocaine. The man was arrested and a background check reportedly revealed he had outstanding warrants. The driver was cited for the improper equipment and released.
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