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Hinesville Police Department Blotters July 18

July 5: Criminal attempt to commit burglary — A Hinesville resident believed someone tried to enter his house through the front door.
He and his wife went to bed around midnight, with the front door and deadbolt unlocked but the clasp lock in place. At 5 a.m., he heard the door open, so he went to investigate. He didn’t see anyone, but whoever it was  had left the door open.
The officer did not find any signs of forced entry.

July 6: Simple battery — An officer called another officer to Liberty Square because a man’s wife was unresponsive in the grass near The Coastal Bank.
Emergency medical service members took her to the hospital. Her husband said that he, his wife, his cousin and his sister had visited Jennifer’s Big Apple.
While there, the wife went outside and began hyperventilating. The husband had his sister drive them to the hospital.
He told his sister to hurry, which upset her, so she reportedly kicked everyone out of the car, slapped her brother and cousin in their faces, and left them at The Coastal Bank.
The cousin told the officers the same story about the sister kicking them out of the car. However, the sister said she kicked them out because the husband became hysterical and punched her in the back of the head.
She also said her cousin slapped her, which is why she slapped everyone else. There were no marks on the sister.

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