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Hinesville Police Department blotters - June 2
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May 10
Suicidal threats — A woman who works for Behavioral Health Consultants on Fort Stewart alerted police to a man who she claimed wanted to end his life. The woman said the man had an appointment for a consultation but when she called to confirm the appointment the man said he would not be alive by the day of the appointment. Police met with the man who said he needed help and was given a courtesy ride to the clinic.
Assist citizen/other agency — Police assisted a woman who appeared to be suffering from a stroke. The officer said the woman’s mouth was twisted and she appeared confused and her hand writing began to change. Paramedics were called to the scene and the woman was taken to the hospital where despite attempts from her daughter and medical personnel she refused treatment demanding to go home.
Public drunkenness — A man called police to report that a neighbor had taken his car keys and cell phone. When police arrived at Raintree Apartments, they found the alleged suspect in the breezeway of the P building. The man appeared severely drunk and was having a hard time standing up and keeping his balance. Police said they could smell alcohol on him. The alleged drunk man also could not keep his pants from falling off and police arrested the man and took him to jail. They found the neighbor’s car keys and cell phone in his pocket. The man stayed in jail until he sobered up and called to place bond.
Disruption of a public schoo l— Bradwell Institute’s School resource officer filed a warrant on a student who became unruly after being told to go to the assistant principal’s office. The assistant principal reported the boy was caught in the hallways wearing a pair of gym shorts, in violation of the school’s dress code. When told to report to the front office the boy walked to the football coach’s office instead until escorted by the resource officer.

May 11
Driving without a license — A Hinesville Police officer recognized a man driving a black Lincoln Navigator toward Veterans Parkway and initiated a traffic stop knowing the man was not licensed to drive. The man was taken to jail and was later released on his own recognizance by police after he wasn’t able to secure a bail bonding company. The man was denied by one agency for not having a steady job and another agency was not available as the bondsman was out of town. The man must make his court appearance in order to avoid a bench warrant.
Criminal Trespass — Someone vandalized a van that belongs to the Hinesville House of Refuge on north Maple Drive. Church officials reported someone had cut the tires and broken the side view mirrors.

May 12
Simple battery/criminal trespass — A woman said her live-in boyfriend of one month punched her in the face, threw her on the floor and damaged her cell phone because he was mad she stayed out all night with her friends. She said he threw the cell phone against the wall, also damaging the drywall, and later he damaged the window of her Nissan.  She added that as her boyfriend left the driveway he hit another parked car belonging to her neighbor. The woman was advised on warrant procedures.
Simple assault/DUI/criminal trespass — Police responded to a home on Welborn Street where someone reported that a drunk man was trying to beat his step-son. The man was trying to get a ride home from a party and was upset when the cell phone died in mid conversation with his wife. He allegedly drove himself home and kicked in the back door of the house and started to chase after his step-son, who fled the house and called the cops. When police arrived at the house the man could not be found but the officer noted the door had been kicked in and the man’s car was parked in the front yard. Police were later able to call the man and recorded the conversation where the man spoke with slurred speech, couldn’t formulate a coherent thought and interrupted the officer repeatedly. The woman told police he has threatened her and her son in the past. Warrants were issued for DUI, criminal trespass and simple assault and the woman was advised on temporary protection orders.
Simple battery — A man locked himself in the bathroom and called police after his wife pulled out a Taser gun during a domestic dispute in a home on Baxter Street. The couple admitted they have been arguing for quite some time and the man said he became agitated when she kept interrupting a movie he was trying to watch. The woman said he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her. She also told police he forced himself on her in a previous argument months earlier. The man said she was telling that story to a friend and he was angry because it wasn’t true, which led to yet another fight. The man said when she grabbed her stun gun and hit the trigger he ran into the bathroom and called for help.
Theft of services — Police went to the Econo Lodge on Oglethorpe Drive where the desk clerk reported a man was found inside a room the he had not paid for. She said the man admitted he stayed in the room along with a female for a few days. The desk clerk said it appeared an employee had blocked off the room which allowed the man to stay in the room for free against company policy.

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