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Homeland Security funding equipment here
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston has announced that Hinesville Police have received funding for new equipment from the Department of Homeland Security.
The Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program will provide the funding to strengthen the area’s overall level of preparedness.
 “More than $11,000 will go to the Hinesville Police Department for new equipment,” Congressman Kingston said. “The program is designed to help smaller communities with technology and equipment so that first-responders will have what they need to do their jobs.”
The HPD will receive $11,794 for an Advanced Thermal Imager designed for law enforcement.
“I congratulate Hinesville Police Chief George Stagmeier for acquiring this funding,” Kingston said. “It shows that he is serious about the safety of Liberty County.”
CEDAP provides resources such as communications interoperability equipment, information sharing technology, chemical detection devices, sensors, personal protective equipment, and rescue tools and training in how to use the equipment, devices, and technology. Each year it helps provide personal protective equipment, thermal imaging, night vision, and video surveillance tools to law enforcement and fire departments across the country.
To qualify, departments must demonstrate the equipment will be used to improve their capability and capacity to respond to a major critical incident or to work with other first responders.
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