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HPD blotter
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Dec. 26: Harassing communication — A Hinesville resident reported that his aunt sent harassing text messages after he did not attend a family Christmas dinner. The man said his aunt has tried to start problems with him and his girlfriend, though he asked his aunt to stop texting. The officer called the aunt and advised her to stop contacting her nephew, and she said she would. However, as the officer was writing his report, the complainant contacted the officer and said his aunt sent a message that said, “You are not longer my nephew and you got the police involved. Seriously laughing out loud.”

Burglary — Residents of a mobile home in the 100 block of Devereaux Road said their home was burglarized while they were on vacation. They said the metal on the front door was pulled back, and when they entered they noticed several items missing, including a TV, laptop, computer monitor, drill, game console and games, DVDs, a rifle and costume jewelry valued at $2,298. There was sign of forced entry.

Burglary (forced entry) — A real estate property manager reported that a vacant house in the 150 block of Cherokee Trail was entered and a stove was missing. The back door reportedly was unlocked and a back bedroom window was broken. The stove was valued at $300.

Dec. 27

Theft of automobile — A man said his $2,600 vehicle was stolen from an apartment complex in the 840 block of Willobrook Drive. The car reportedly was left unlocked with two sets of keys inside. Officers located the car at Gateway Two Apartments in reference to another incident.

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