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HPD blotter for April 12
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March 14, 16: Auto thefts — A man reported his blue 1985 Buick Regal stolen on March 14 outside his home on Main Street. He said he went home around 11 p.m. and locked  the doors before going inside. The next morning, he noticed the car was stolen. Another man reported the silver 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo his daughter drives was stolen from outside Pine Square Apartments on Eagan Road on March 16.  The daughter said she locked the doors on the vehicle around 3:30 a.m. then noticed it missing later that day. She said the car had no rear view mirrors or sun visors.

March 18
Shoplifting — The manager of the Food Lion on E.G. Miles Parkway reported a woman tried to shoplift a bottle of cooking oil. She reported seeing a woman at the back of the store with the bottle, but when she came to the front of the store, she did not. As the woman exited the store, the manager called security on the store intercom, which caused the woman to run back inside. She threw the bottle on one of the display tables but was apprehended by the manager and another employee. The manager said they had been suspicious before but never caught the woman.

March 19
Burglary, forced-entry residence — A man reported that he and his wife left their apartment around 6:30 p.m. on March 19 to take some things to their new residence. When they returned an hour later, they noticed the deadbolt was not locked and several items missing. The man admitted leaving a bedroom window open, and the officer noted the left side of the screen appeared to have been pried open. Because the window is only 16 inches wide, the officer’s report said the burglar must have been very small. Taken were a $1,500 TV, $1,200 computer, $4,000 gold ring with diamonds, $600 in other assorted jewelry and $300 in men’s clothing.

March 22

Criminal trespass — A man said his daughter told him that his car was “running rough.” The man said when he went to put gasoline additive in the tank, he noticed what appeared to be dirt under the gas cap, near the inside fill spout. The responding officer observed the dirt. The man was given a reference number and instructions for obtaining a report.

Civil matter — A woman said she was involved in a minor vehicle accident in a grocery store parking lot. She said she and the other driver exchanged numbers and decided an accident report was not needed. The complainant spoke to a body-repair shop representative and was told more damage existed than she realized. The complainant called the other driver and left a message, but had not heard back from the other driver. The responding officer told the complainant that the incident was a civil matter, which would need to be handled through a civil court. She was provided a case number.

March 23
Theft by taking — A Whitetail Circle man reported some of his medication missing. The complainant, who recently had been transported by ambulance to the hospital, said a man came by his house and said he needed to check on the complainant, see how the EMS transport service was and take stock of his medication. The complainant said the man appeared to be wearing a uniform. The complainant gave his medication containers to the man, who recorded them and insisted on putting them back where they belonged. The man returned to the complainant’s home the following day and claimed the information he had written got wet and was unreadable. He asked to see the complainant’s medication once more, again wrote down the information and supposedly carried the pills back to the complainant’s kitchen. When the complainant went to take his medicine later that day, he realized it was missing. He believes the man may have taken it. The Hinesville drug unit was called to investigate.

Stalking — A woman came to the police department and complained she had been receiving harassing phone calls and text messages from her father, who lives in Jacksonville, regarding her niece and nephew, whom she has custody of. The messages threatened to expose the woman for alleged child abuse. The woman said she has the proper paperwork regarding her custody of the two children. The woman was advised on how to conduct a follow-up report.

March 24
Entering auto, criminal trespass — A woman claimed her ex-boyfriend tried to enter her residence but was not successful. She said she looked out her window and saw him leaving. She also noticed the dome light on in her car, which indicated someone had recently opened the car. She called police and said she had left her car and house keys on the seat of the car, and believed her ex-boyfriend had taken them. The responding officer tried to call the ex-boyfriend, but the man who answered the phone quickly disconnected the call. Police searched the ex-boyfriend’s street of residence, but could not find him or his vehicle. The woman was given a case report number and informed of the house-check program. The investigation was released to a detective.

Aggravated assault-knife — An officer was dispatched to Liberty Regional Medical Center regarding an assault. The victim said she was walking through a mobile-home park when a female came out of an unknown trailer and assaulted her. The victim was cut four times on her left arm, which she was having trouble moving. The victim said she did not know the assailant, nor did she know why she was attacked. The victim said she did not want to pursue the incident and filled out a prosecution-declination form.

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