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HPD blotter for Feb. 13
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Jan. 14: Counterfeit currency — A man reported he found a counterfeit $5 bill lying on the ground at the intersection of Timberlane Circle and West Oglethorpe Highway.
The man said he could see the money was counterfeit and turned it in to HPD. An officer said the fake bill appeared to have come from a home printer. It was two pieces of paper glued together. The fake bill was placed into an evidence locker.
Theft by shoplifting — A man said he saw another man put a Blue Ray player and a home theater system into a cart at Walmart and walk past the registers toward the exit. The man with the cart stopped when a greeter approached him. He then headed toward a second exit and was partially outside when he was stopped again. The suspect claimed he had seen someone else shoplifting and was headed to the security office to report it. The suspect said it only looked like he was walking out the door because the security office is so close to the exit. The suspect was arrested and cited for shoplifting. He was given a court date before he bonded out and was released.

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