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HPD blotter for Jan. 16
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Dec. 27: Armed robbery — A pizza delivery driver said she was robbed at gunpoint while making a delivery to Gateway Two Apartments on Gause Street. One man reportedly put a gun to her face and demanded she hand over the food and asked for her money. She said she did not have any money on her, and the men ran off on Griffin Street toward Roland Street. He drove back to her employer’s store and called 911. The men stole $42 worth of food and a delivery bag worth $35. Three men were detained shortly after the incident, but the woman said they were not the ones who had robbed her when asked to identify them.

Jan.  7
Burglary-forced entry-residence — A Savannah man, selling a home in Hinesville, reported his house was broken into between Dec. 7 — the last time he was at the house — and Jan. 7, when the break-in was discovered by a potential buyer. A Whirlpool refrigerator and electric range, each valued at $500 were taken. The investigating officer found the front door open and damage to the door jam. The officer believes the door was kicked in. The report said there was no “collectable evidence.”

Jan. 8
Criminal defamation —
A 49-year-old Farr Court resident called HPD to complain that someone had posted defaming comments about her Craig’s List posting advertising a room she was renting. Her posting had noted the room was 10 minutes from Fort Stewart and was available to pet lovers, as she had two dogs. The defaming post claimed she would discriminate against females due to “competition with her many gentlemen callers.” The message included details about her, the house and her dogs that suggested the person making the post knew her.

Jan. 9
Possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, false name and date of birth, open container, possession hydrocodone — Three Hinesville residents were stopped by officers when one officer noted the car they were in had paper license plates with no expiration date. The driver gave the officer one of his passenger’s driver’s license and expired car registration. The smell of marijuana prompted further investigation which led to the other charges.

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