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HPD blotter for July 19
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June 9: Public drunkness — An officer was dispatched to a Hinesville woman’s residence after she complained about an unknown male knocking and kicking on her back door.
He eventually moved to the front of the house, where he knocked on the door and yelled that he lived there. Once he saw the officer arrive, the man knelt down with his hands on top of his head. He claimed to live in the woman’s residence.
He smelled of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot, but he told the officer that he wasn’t drinking. He then said that he was visiting a friend who lived in the woman’s residence whom he claimed worked with the officer. When asked where his friend lived, the man answered Alexandria, Va. When asked where he lived, he also answered Virginia.
It appeared the man did not know where he was, and it was unclear how he arrived to the complainant’s residence.
He was placed under arrest and cited with a court date.

June 10
Attempted robbery (strong arm), obstructing officer, simple battery — An officer responded to a call in the Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park in reference to a robbery that allegedly began while the complainant and his friend were at Walmart.
The complainant noticed two males following him and his friend in the store, and they continued to follow as the men walked to their homes.
The men behind them began to walk faster to catch up, and then one of the males punched the complainant.
While reaching for the complainant’s bag, the male fell over, and the complainant ran away.
One male who matched the suspect’s description was taken into custody.
Theft by taking — A Hinesville woman reported the theft of her boyfriend’s gold grill, which was last seen June 7. Her boyfriend received a ride from a neighbor, and during their car ride, he told the neighbor about his missing gold grill.
The neighbor said that a frequent visitor to their neighborhood recently had pawned a gold grill. The man who allegedly pawned the gold grill also was a family friend of the victim’s girlfriend.
There were no pawn records found under the name of the alleged offender.

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