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HPD blotter for July 3
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June 8: Criminal trespass — The owner of Knight’s Inn called HPD officers in reference to a drunk man damaging a hotel-room door lock. The complainant said the incident was caught on video, which showed the suspect pulling hard on the door lock while hitting his body repeatedly against the door. Due to the damage, the hotel owner was unsuccessful at entering the room, where the suspect was staying. Officers made contact with the suspect outside of the hotel room, and he appeared to be extremely intoxicated. He denied ever touching the hotel door.
The owner said the lock would cost $150 to replace.
• Criminal trespass, probation violation — A woman called an officer to her apartment after a fight in the complex’s parking lot. The complainant could not identify the men involved, but noticed that shortly after the fight took place, her vehicle was damaged. The officer saw a huge dent with fresh blood in the middle of it on the driver’s side. He also found dog tags lying next to the car but could not obtain any further information about the person whose name was on the tags. He had dispatch check the information on the complainant’s vehicle and was informed that she was wanted on a probation-violation warrant. She was arrested, and the dog tags were taken for evidence.
• Burglary (forced entry) — A maintenance man called an officer after noticing a refrigerator and stove missing from a vacant residence. The complainant said he was there to repair the rear-bedroom window. It appeared the suspect(s) entered through the broken bedroom window.
A case reference number was given to a Norman Realty employee.

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