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HPD blotter for June 10
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May 25: Suspicious acts — A Hinesville motel guest said her ex-boyfriend entered her room unannounced then left with her mother’s boyfriend. A short time later, the mother’s boyfriend returned without the motel guest’s ex-boyfriend and reportedly said the ex-boyfriend was going to “shoot up the room.” Soon after that, something hit the motel-room window, and the complainant called 911. Another female at the scene appeared very intoxicated and could not provide police with a statement. The complainant said she was homeless and currently living at the motel, but was in the process of moving to a different motel. She was given a card with a case number, advised on warrant procedures and told how to obtain a copy of the report.

May 26
Theft by taking — A Hinesville woman complained that someone took the spare-tire cover off her husband’s vehicle. The woman said she reported the incident to her apartment manager and was advised to make a police report. The woman was advised of follow-up procedures.

Criminal trespass — A Rebecca Street resident said another man who lives nearby came to his house and broke two windows because the resident refused to answer the door. The man who reportedly broke the windows then entered the house through the rear door and damaged the bathroom door, the resident said. The resident told the responding officer who he thought broke the windows, and the officer paid the suspect a visit. The suspect said he did go to the Rebecca Street resident’s house to find out why the man who lived there had been arguing with the suspect’s father. He said he did not fight with anybody. The Rebecca Street resident was given a case number, advised on warrant procedures and told how to obtain a copy of the report.

May 27
Discharging a firearm near a public highway — An HPD officer was dispatched to a South Main Street area in reference to shots fired. The officer did not see any evidence of shots fired, but a short time later, he was dispatched to a Deann Drive area in reference to shots fired. Two people riding with a third man in a car said the man shot single bullets in the two areas in question. A detective was made aware of the incident.

Theft of mislaid property — A Hinesville man said he’d been out running errands when he lost his cell phone. The complainant called the phone to see if he could locate it and an unknown man answered and told the complainant that he’d return the phone if he gave him $100. The complainant was able to track his phone on the internet and found it was last pinpointed in Long County but was unable to provide an exact location. The complainant was advised on follow-up procedures.

May 28
Simple battery — A Pineland Avenue woman said her husband got angry when she tried to leave for the store. She said he yelled at her, choked her and grabbed her by the face. The woman’s husband said the complainant is a “drama queen” and claimed he never laid a hand on her. The responding officer did not observe any bruises or marks on the woman. The complainant was advised of warrants and how to obtain a copy of the report.

Theft by taking —An LCRD visitor said he left his cell phone inside his backpack in an unsecure storage area in the men’s locker room. When he returned, his backpack and his phone were missing. He could not provide a serial number for the phone.

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