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HPD blotter for March 13
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Feb. 4: Parole violation, Burglary — A man walked in to the Hinesville Police department requesting a criminal background check and was arrested for having an active warrant for parole violation in Atlanta.

Assist citizen — Dueling barber shops were told to stay away from each other after police were called in to respond to a complaint. A woman who owns a barber shop on E. G. Miles Parkway said the man who owns the barber shop next to hers is upset that she opened her shop next to his business. She said the man is constantly complaining and harassing her workers and clients. The man said the woman is operating without a license, but police observed the business did have a city business license. Both parties were advised to stay away from each other.

Suspicious activity — Someone reported a suspicious person in the backyard of a Kentucky Derby Road residence. A neighbor reported a man parked his car at the house, walked into the backyard and roughly two minutes later walked back to his car and left. Police found some packages sitting next to the back door of the house. They called the owner, who said he was expecting the delivery of some goods and thought that maybe the man was the delivery person. However, the neighbor said he didn’t see any packages in the man’s hands as he walked into the back yard.

Theft by taking — A woman reported the theft of her Briggs and Stratton lawn mower from her LeCounte Street home. A neighbor said he saw someone walking around the home earlier and peeking into the windows.

Feb. 5
Suicidal threats — A man was checked into the hospital for a mental evaluation after his wife called police saying the man threatened to kill himself. The woman said she was on a video chat with her husband when he held a gun up to his head and threatened to pull the trigger. The man admitted to police that he was not dealing well with his marital problems and agreed to go to the hospital for help.  

Burglary, forced entry (shed) — A homeowner on Shaw Road reported someone stole several large items from his backyard shed. Police report the shed’s door appeared to be pried open and several tire marks around the shed indicated the thief backed his vehicle up to the shed on more than one occasion to take the large items. Among the items taken was a treadmill, red toolbox filled with tools, a saw sharpening table an dining table with four chairs and an A/C blower assembly.

Burglary — A property manager reported a stove and refrigerator stolen from an Olive Street home.  The house was vacant at the time and police reported it appeared someone had pried open the side door of the house.
Feb. 7
Theft by taking — A Hinesville resident on Old Sunbury Road reported the theft of a green Kawasaki motorcycle and red Kawasaki 4-wheeler. He said the vehicles were there when he came home for the evening Feb. 7 but gone the next morning. He told police he suspected his former roommate, who was on probation for burglary, of taking a motorcycle and 4-wheeler. The man did not know the whereabouts of his former roommate, nor the serial numbers for the vehicles, as he had just purchased them from another man.

Feb. 8
Doing business without a license — Two Hinesville police officers responded to a call about three men selling compact discs from their vehicle in the parking lot at Popeye’s. As the officers talked to two of the men and checked to see if they had any outstanding warrants, the third man walked away. Witnesses reported that he ran over to the National Guard armory. An officer searched the area around the armory but couldn’t find him. The two men, both from Augusta, had no record. The third man had no information about him in Georgia.

Feb. 9
Burglary, forced entry (residence) — Police responded to a call on South Main Street when a man reported finding the side door to his residence had been kicked open. The doorway frame was splintered. The man waited for officers to clear the residence of possible intruders. There also was evidence someone had tried to enter the front door. Missing from the residence was a laptop and 9mm pistol.

Feb. 11
Theft by deception — A Hinesville woman called police one day after the tax refund she was called to pick up from her tax preparer’s office was picked up by someone else. The tax preparer (Jay’s Tax Service) said he had completed the taxes for two women with the same first and last names but different middle names. One woman had picked up her $4,300 refund on Feb. 1 but was called again the same day the victim was called. She arrived before the victim and signed for her refund. The police were shown evidence that the same signature was used to sign for both checks. The tax preparer said he had cancelled the second check but was unable to get the other woman to answer the phone.

Feb. 13
Possession, probation violation — A Hinesville man was arrested and issued citations for possession of marijuana and probation violation after a traffic stop turned up “a large bag of marijuana” and a digital scale. The man also was driving a vehicle that did not have proper plates, but the officer could not issue an additional citation because he could not prove that the vehicle belonged to the suspect.

Feb. 15
DUI, suspended license — A Fort Stewart soldier was arrested for DUI after reporting to HPD for probation under the influence. One of the conditions of the man’s probation was that he could not use alcohol. The suspect first said he did not drive himself to the location, but witnesses said otherwise and indicated the man had yelled at them from his vehicle. He was transported to jail and released on a cash bond.

Theft by taking — A maintenance worker in the 610 block of Madison Drive reported that his $500 green and yellow ride-on lawnmower was stolen from a vacant house he was working on sometime between Feb. 1 and Feb. 15.

Shoplifting — An HPD investigator intercepted a suspected shoplifter while shopping at Walmart in plain clothes. The officer reportedly detained the suspect in the store while seeking an employee, and the store’s loss prevention team became involved. The man reportedly had on his person $51 worth of items, including wrist watchers and pliers. He was arrested and offered $812 bond but was unable to make it.

Criminal trespass — A Cindy Lane woman reported that someone egged the side of her SUV while it was parked overnight in the 700 block.

Possession of marijuana — A man was cited for possession of marijuana after police responded to an anonymous call about suspicious acts in the mobile home park at 300 Brantley Drive. The man was issued a $1,594 bond, which he could not make, so he was transported to jail.
Feb. 16
Shoplifting — A man was arrested after shoplifting less than $20 in socks, T-shirts and ground beef at the Dollar General on W. Oglethorpe Highway. A store employee reportedly saw him placing items in his pockets, and when officers came to the scene, he asked if he could pay for the items and leave. Instead, he was issued a citation, taken to HPD for processing and then transported to jail.

Possession of marijuana, simple battery — Four people were arrested after a fight at Walmart in which officers detected burning marijuana and reportedly found evidence of the drug while responding to the call. Most of the suspects attempted to flee. Some of the suspects had prior records. Each was issued a court date  and “appropriate citations” for a variety of offenses, including  fleeing, obstruction, possession of alcohol by a minor, public drunkenness, allowing an unlicensed person to driver and drivers license restriction violation.

Feb. 17
Theft by taking — A man reported that a $520 pistol was stolen from inside his mother’s vehicle while he stayed at the Knight’s Inn on E. Oglethorpe Highway. He suspected that his girlfriend may have taken the weapon and told officers he knew her only by her first name.

Entering auto — Two complainants said their vehicles were broken into in the 950 block of Gulfstream Road. One reported that $60 cash was taken, and the other said his $300 iPod Touch was gone.

Feb. 19
Entering auto — A man was arrested for entering automobiles after residents in the 1400 block of Flo Zechman Drive in Hinesville reported the crime in progress. He also was reportedly found in possession of items reported stolen from the vehicle. His charges and bond were not documented in the report.

Theft by taking (animal) — A resident in the 700 block of Woods Court reported his black pit bull was missing from his yard. He did not see any evidence of how the dog could have gotten out of the fenced yard, he said.

Feb. 25
Simple battery — A Hinesville woman said she and her boyfriend got into an argument after she asked him where he’d been all day. The woman said her boyfriend pushed her onto the bed. The responding officer did not observe any marks, scratches or bruises on the woman, and she refused medical treatment. Both parties said they were not leaving the residence but agreed to stay in separate rooms for the night. The woman was advised on warrant procedures and given instructions for obtaining a copy of the report.

Theft by taking — A man who said he’d evicted tenants from property he owns claimed items were missing from the house. An officer made contact with one former tenant. He searched the woman’s car and did not find any of the missing items. The officer was unable to make contact with the other tenant. The landlord did not have serial numbers for the missing items.

Feb. 26
Criminal trespass — A Hinesville woman complained three of the tires on her vehicle had been flattened. She suspected her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was responsible for the damage. She said she’d previously had problems with the woman. The responding officer was unable to locate cut or stab marks on the tires. The officer briefed the complainant on further procedures and went to the ex-girlfriend’s house. The ex-girlfriend denied doing anything to the complainant’s vehicle and said she had no knowledge of the incident.

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