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HPD blotter for March 22
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Feb. 26: Prowling — A Hinesville woman said someone loudly pounded on her front door. Since she was not expecting visitors, she did not respond. A short time later, she heard someone trying to open her sliding-glass back door. The woman said her dogs barked, but since she did not look outside, she did not see anyone. Neighbors who had been outside said they didn’t see anyone in the area. The woman was put in contact with the neighborhood watch program officer and given crime-prevention techniques for her residence.

Feb. 27
• Theft by taking — A female tenant of a Hinesville apartment complex said she parked her vehicle in the parking lot of her residence and later someone had siphoned fuel from the car. There were scuff marks in the paint, a dent, the fuel cap was open and would not tighten, and what appeared to be fuel was running down the side of the vehicle. The responding officer was informed there are cameras around the complex. He contacted management to see if a suspected could be identified through video footage.

• Suspicious acts — A shop employee said a man requested change for a $20 bill. After she handed him a $10 bill, a $5 bill and five $1 bills, the man asked, “Do you guys get a lot of fake bills?” then walked out of the store. Since the employee then had reason to believe the $20 from the man was fake, she ran outside and asked for the change back. The man returned it. The shop employee asked him to standby while she dialed 911. The man said he’d received the money as payment for a technician job he’d done. Police officers tested the bill and found that it was authentic. The owner of the bill was advised he could pick it up. He said he’d get it at a later date, and the bill was placed at HPD for safekeeping.

Feb. 28
• Criminal trespass — A man who had been in a grocery store said he observed a dent on his car when he returned from shopping. He said he believed someone had tried to gain entry, but the vehicle was secure and nothing was missing. Management at the grocery store said security cameras only cover the front walkway. The complainant was issued a report and a case number.

• Arrest for other agency — An officer saw an SUV on Oglethorpe Highway dragging a spare-tire cable, which was throwing sparks. He initiated a traffic stop and ran the driver’s license. The officer found the driver was wanted in Bryan County. He was taken to the police department and processed for arrest for the other agency. He then was released to Bryan County.

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