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HPD blotter for Sept. 23
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Aug. 22, Doing business without a license, 791 EG Miles Parkway
Several gas station customers approached a police officer on patrol near the station and told him that two men in a gold Chrysler Sebring were selling Nike shoes and bootlegged DVDs and CDs.
When the officer went to investigate, the men were gone. A few minutes later the officer drove back by the gas station and saw the Chrysler Sebring in the parking lot. The trunk of the Sebring was open and several people were standing around the car. The officer approached the two men and asked to see what was in the trunk. The men opened the trunk and the officer saw about 15 pairs of Nike shoes. The officer also noticed something on the back seat covered with a sheet.
The officer asked the men to remove the sheet and they complied. Under the sheet were several crates of bootlegged DVDs and CDs — nearly 1,000 items, according to the police report.
The officer asked the men what they were doing and they replied, “Trying to make a little money.” The officer asked the men if they had a business license and they replied they did not.

Sept. 17, Criminal trespass, 939 S. Main St.
A South Main Street woman told police her husband had gotten angry, broke a coffee table and kicked three holes in an upstairs hallway wall. The woman told police her husband also was angry because she found out he had been unfaithful. She told police he had not hurt her and she was not afraid of him abusing her; she simply wanted him to leave so she could rest before going to work.
The husband told police he needed gas money and he would be happy to leave the apartment for the rest of the evening. He admitted to breaking the coffee table and kicking holes in the wall. The husband said his wife told him his cell phone was broken, but she was using it to “snoop into his business.” The man also said he wanted to move back to Chicago where he was from before he got married. Neither the man nor his wife had money for gas so they agreed to stay in opposite ends of the apartment until the wife left for work.

Sept. 18, Identity theft, 111 W. Hendry St.
A West Hendry Street man told police he was the victim of fraud and identity theft. The Tennessee woman who allegedly stole the man’s identity bought a car, a travel trailer and received a signature loan for $5,000 from a credit union using someone else’s Social Security number, according to the police report.
The credit union discovered the alleged theft when the suspect failed to make payments on the property she allegedly bought, according to the report. The case has been turned over to the detective division for further investigation.

Sept. 19, Theft of automobile, 802 Frank Cochran Drive
Hinesville police responded to a call at 802 Frank Cochran Drive where a car was reportedly stolen.  While on the way to speak with the owner of the car, police were advised by dispatch that the Georgia State Patrol and Liberty County Sheriff’s Office were chasing what was believed to be a stolen car.
The owner told police she and a friend had parked her silver 2009 Honda Accord in the apartment complex’s parking lot at about 3 p.m.  While she was away, she realized she had misplaced her keys. When she returned to the parking lot, her car was gone.
She told police she thought her grandmother had picked up the vehicle to get an oil change. Once she arrived at her grandmother’s home in Long County, she reported the vehicle stolen.
Police informed her that her car had been recovered by the GSP. She was told the alleged thief fled on foot after law enforcement caught up to the stolen car. The woman told police she did not know who the alleged car thief was and said she had not given her keys to anyone. The woman said she remembered locking her door and could have dropped her keys.
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