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HPD blotter May 30
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Death Investigation
May 14, 2007
E.G. Miles Parkway

Police are investigating the cause of death of an elderly woman who was found unresponsive at Food Lion. She was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Contempt/drug charge
May 14, 2007
Griffin Street

Police, assisting a Fort Stewart warrant officer investigating a client and conducting a welfare check on a child, contacted with a couple who had been at a residence for a few days. The couple was advised to stay inside and wait until they were interviewed, but the man refused and ran off. Once apprehended, police took the offender back to the residence where it was discovered he was wanted by the U. S. Marshal’s office. He was arrested and a search of his vehicle and household items revealed cocaine and scales.

Theft by conversion
May 18, 2007
Cove Street

A complainant reported she loaned her car to a friend with the agreement it would be returned in 30 days. The time had passed and her friend refused to give the car back. Police contacted the man who had the car. He said he had wrecked it and made arrangements with the complainant to return the car once it was repaired. The complainant denied the arrangement. The police told the man to provide verification the car was wrecked and that it was scheduled for repairs, but he failed to do so. The complainant informed police the man had been harassing her over the phone since filing the incident report. Police advised the complainant about warrant procedures.

Hit and run
May 19, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

A woman reported she was driving her Volvo westbound on Oglethorpe when a Honda Civic exited a gas station at a high rate of speed and hit her. The woman said they stopped in the center lane but when she got out, the Honda took off. She tried to follow it while calling 911 but was not able to catch the car or get the tag number.

Driving on a suspended license
May 21, 2007
E.G. Miles Parkway

Police stopped a Chevy Impala when they saw the woman driving without her seat belt on. The driver said she just got out of jail and did not want to go back. When questioned why she was in jail, she said she was arrested for driving with a suspended license. A check revealed her license was still suspended. She was arrested and taken back to jail.

May 23, 2007
Shaw Road

Someone placed two water hoses inside two grave vaults and left the water running at the Hinesville Cemetery. Police are investigating the incident.
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