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HPD, Sheriff's blotters for Aug. 6
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July 26
Simple battery, reckless conduct
Shaw Road and Barry McCaffrey
A local woman called 911 seeking medical attention for her friend. The woman told responding officer Lyle Thurmond that her friend was injured when her boyfriend pushed her out of a moving vehicle. The injured woman says the incident occurred as the two were driving on Barry McCaffrey and Shaw Road while having a heated verbal argument. The woman was treated at a local hospital for pain.

July 26
Missing Person
Main Steet
After loaning her white Mercury Sable to her roommate, a worried woman said her car and her roommate are now missing. Claiming to borrow the car in order to get to work and to briefly meet a friend, the roommate left the house the morning of July 25 and never returned. His clothes and belongings still were in the house, and his employer and friend said they never saw the man that day. The woman told Officer Norman Ewing that she was worried because her roommate has been diagnosed with clinical depression and takes medication.

July 25
Found property
Regency Court
The police are rarely called about found items, but one Hinesville woman did just that when she found an unfamiliar handgun tucked in between the cushions of her couch. She said she has no idea where the gun came from, and, although she has two teenage children, she doesn’t think they’re responsible for the firearm. Officer Travis Probst confiscated the gun but found that it wasn’t a registered weapon.

July 21
Suspicious Activity
Winhaven Drive
A woman called the police after realizing that she was involved in a serious scam. The local woman says she received a letter in the mail instructing her to cash an enclosed money order at a local bank. After she cashed it, she said she was further instructed to buy products from a list of local stores and then evaluate the service and products. The woman should have become suspicious when the instructions also stated that she was to send part of the cashed check to two men in Ontario, Canada, but she didn’t fully understand the situation until a second letter and check arrived. The woman finally got nervous and called authorities when the bank denied the second check on account of being fraudulent.

LCSO Blotter

July 16
Dogwood Ln., Midway
Local EMS personnel assisted police when they arrived to find an intoxicated woman lying in the middle of the road with blood running down her face. She informed police that her brother hit her in the face with his fist causing the gash on her face. After divulging this information, she refused to talk about the incident anymore; she also refused medical care from the EMS and had to be transported to Liberty Emergency Room in a police vehicle.

July 17
Fleeing and attempting to elude, obstruction, DUI
Barrington Ferry Rd., Midway
What started as a series of traffic violations, including passing another vehicle in a no passing zone, running numerous stop signs and going more than 80 mph in a 55 mph zone, quickly elevated into a more serious situation when a motorcycle driver started to run from the ensuing police officer. Near the end of the chase, due to his high speeds, the driver was unable to stop when he came to a dead end, and he crashed into a ditch. Deputy Brazier then proceeded to chase down the suspect who fled on foot. He eventually caught the driver who was driving while intoxicated and wanted in Long County for burglary.

July 20
Medical/ mental difficulties
Westfield Rd, Midway
Lt. J. Greg Pike answered a call made by an elderly man who claimed his wife was hitting him in the head with little hammers on a nightly basis. Although the man tried to point out his bruises, Lt. Pike saw no physical evidence that the man’s wife was abusing him. When the man couldn’t produce clear answers to the officer’s questions, the officer asked if the man had or was supposed to be taking any medication. The man said his wife gives him pills, which he produced in a crumbled up paper towel. He also claimed that the pills were making him feel dizzy and have seizures. EMS arrived and took him to the emergency room. Animal control was also notified because Lt. Pike noticed an emaciated dog in the backyard.

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