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iPad stolen from school, Pizza Hut employee hit by customer
Hinesville PD Blotters

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Disorderly conduct: A Pizza Hut employee told police Sept. 25 that a customer hit her in the face over an order.

The employee said the woman became upset after she couldn’t change her order to cheese sticks instead of bread sticks. “She said she told her that her order could not be changed because it was already being prepared,” the report said, so the woman and her sister came to the restaurant and began to argue with her, demanding that her order be changed.

“(The employee) then said (the woman) reached across the counter and hit her in the face. She also said (the woman’s sister) tried to jump across the counter. She said (the woman) grabbed (her sister) and pulled her off the counter. She then told me (the sister) tried to open the kitchen door and proceed to her location behind the counter, but a coworker locked the door to keep her from opening it,” the reporting officer said.

While the officer was talking to the employee, the woman accused of hitting her called HPD and asked to talk to an officer about the incident.

The officer went to the woman’s address, and she claimed that the employee was rude and tried to “put her hands on her and continued to be rude to her,” etc., but that when her sister tried to jump over the counter she stopped her, and then they both left the store.

The woman denied hitting the employee, and her sister denied trying to jump the counter or go through the kitchen door.

The officer went back to Pizza Hut and took a look at the store’s security video. It showed both women “making what appeared to be aggressive gestures with their hands toward (the employee). The footage also showed (the sister) trying to jump over the counter. I also observed (both women) hit (the employee).”

The officer saw bruises on the employee, but none on her face. Everybody was given a case number.

Theft: An officer was sent to Lyman Hall Elementary on Sept. 29, where a teacher reported: “today was bring your parent to work day at Lyman Hall. The parents of the students sat in class with their children and did group activities. (The teacher) said the school provided 10 iPads for the parents and children to use today for the activities. After the event was over, (the teacher) collected back the iPads and when she did an inventory check, she noticed one of the iPads was missing.”
Police are investigating.

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to an Independence Place address, where a woman she said she got into an argument with her husband that started “over ‘Cheezits’ and then escalated into them threatening each other with divorce,” a report said. “(The wife) tells (her husband) that she is leaving and then an argument started over the ownership of the vehicle while she attempted to leave the area. As (the wife) entered the vehicle to drive off (the husband) held on to the passenger side mirror in an attempt to make her stay so they could talk. (He) started to pull and hit on the mirror until it broke. (She) parked the vehicle back in the parking spot and (he) then left the season.”

The husband said much the same, and told the officer he’d leave for the night “and come back when everything was calm.”

Theft: A Timber Ridge Trail woman reported Sept. 28 “she noticed the center cap and the lug covers on the front passenger side rim missing today … and she is sure that they were on the vehicle yesterday. The only way to remove the center cap is to unscrew the six lug covers that screw onto the lug nuts. The lug covers on the front driver side of the vehicle were unscrewed but not missing.”

Shots fired, part 1: Police were sent to a South Main Street address because two men and a woman heard five gunshots around 11:30 p.m. Sept. 29, then found bullet holes in their vehicles the next day. One man found a bullet fragment under his pickup, which, like the other two vehicles, had been parked in their respective driveways.

Shots fired, part 2: Police were sent to Independence Place around 1:15 p.m. Sept. 28 because a woman said as she was walking her dog she heard shots fired beside her building. “She stated a vehicle ‘took off’ immediately after the shots were fired.’” The woman couldn’t give police a description, but police found eight .45 caliber shell casings and “numerous bullet fragments in the parking lot that appeared to have been fired from a moving vehicle.”

Two vehicles got shot up. Police tried to contact the owners, but were unable to reach either person.

Fraud: A woman went to HPD on Sept. 30 to report she was checking her credit history when she found there had been an inquiry from a cable company in Knoxville, Tenn., in July.

The woman, who said she was trying to pay off bills to improve her credit for a certain job, called the cable company to find out what was happening, and was told she had “current service with them.”

The woman said she didn’t have service and hadn’t authorized the credit inquiry, but they had her name, date of birth and Social Security number.

They also gave the woman the address of the person who ordered the cable service, and it was in Allenhurst.

The woman then went to the address, where she met a female wearing a T-shirt with the logo of a motel on it. “(The woman) stated she immediately remembered where she knew her from and advised the female worked at (the motel) when she went there for a job, sometime over the summer.”

The woman said she didn’t talk to the female at the Allenhurst address, but the female’s mother said she asked her daughter and was told the cable boxes were “sitting on her porch when she arrived home. She stated she hooked the cable boxes up and they worked. She advised she was paying the bill and would continue to pay or she would cancel the service.”

The mother then gave the woman a part of the bill, which had the woman’s name and address on it. The woman then went to the motel and was told that the female the woman described sounded like an employee who no longer worked there.

The woman was given a case number and an identity theft packet.

Suspicious acts: A homeless woman told police Sept. 28 she’d recently moved from Savannah “seeking a fresh start at life in the city of Hinesville,” but as she was “walking in the (Walmart) parking lot near the bus stop,” a man driving a car pulled by her and asked her a lewd question.

The woman described the man as white … wearing an earring a blue T-shirt and no pants, and told the officer he was fondling himself. She said he drove off.

The woman also said she was seeking help for housing. She was given a case number.

Assault and battery, more: An officer was sent Sept. 26 to Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park regarding a “fight in progress.” There, he spoke with A, B and C.

A, a woman, and B, a woman, said that A’s mother and sister drove up and the mother started beating A up, and then A’s sister started beating B up.

B said that “when the mother and daughter arrived, they jumped out of the car and the mother began punching, kicking, stomping and choking (A),” the report said. “The mother was yelling at (A), ‘you betrayed me and turned your back on me!’”

As that was going on, B said “(A’s sister) began punching and kicking (B) in the face, stomach and other parts of her body, while she was on the ground. (B) begged (A’s sister) not to hit her because she was pregnant. (A’s sister) told (B), ‘I don’t give a (bleep), I’m pregnant too!’”

A told police her mother was mad at her because she was trying to separate herself.

A neighbor backed up their story, and told the officer he went into his home to call 911. By then, the man said, A had been “Struck by her mother approximately 40 times and (B) had been struck at least20 times.”

The neighbor said he got his phone, went back outside and “the two women were still beating on (A and B). He said the women finally stopped after they realized he had called 911, and left the area.”

Both A and B looked like they’d been beaten and said they were probably hit at least 50 times apiece. EMS was called to take them to Liberty Regional.

The officer reported he’d do a follow up visit and pursue warrants for the attackers.

Simple battery: An officer was sent to a Grandview Drive address on Sept. 27 regarding a fight between sisters. The complainant said the argument began “over a blender,” the report said. “While the verbal argument was occurring, (complainant’s sister) poured her smoothie down the sink. (Complainant) then poured (her sister’s) smoothie down the sink. (The sister) then punched (the complainant) in the face. (The complainant) pulled (her sister’s hair) and held her hand and told her ‘I’m not going to let you beat me up.”

The complainant said she walked into the living room, but the argument continued, there was some pushing and shoving, and a headlock, and then the complainant’s sister left.

The officer explained warrant procedures to the complainant.

Theft: A man went to HPD on Sept. 27 to report that he was arrested in April and had given his iPhone 53 to a woman he was living with to keep safe.

The man said his father picked up his belongings in June because the woman was moving. He said he got out of jail on Sept. 27 and as he was checking his belongings he found “the iPhone, a Sharp Aquos smartphone and 20 pairs of sneakers missing.”

The officer called the woman, and she didn’t know where the man’s belongings were. She said their former landlord may have gotten rid of them because some of the man’s belongings had been left at the residence. The man was given a case number.

Suspicious acts: An officer was sent to a Becky Street address Sept. 27 where an off duty HPD officer reported his roommate was “having flash backs.”

The off duty officer said his roommate took his radio and hit the emergency button because he thought someone was trying to burn their vehicles and had “done something (to the off duty officer).”

The roommate has been diagnosed with PTSD, but “he was not currently taking his medication. (The off duty officer) also said his roommate has not slept or ate anything in four days.”

The off duty officer said his roommate tried to get his duty weapon, but it was unloaded and kept in a small safe. The officer allowed an HPD officer to take the weapon for the evening to be safe. An HPD lieutenant showed up and was able to convince the roommate to get medical help, and HPD gave the man a ride to Winn Army Hospital, which later referred him to Liberty Regional ER, the report said.

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