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Libert County Sheriff's Department for blotter Aug. 24
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Possession of cocaine, Aug. 7
Highway 405,  Midway

An officer driving north on Highway 405 noticed the vehicle in front him weaving in and out of its lane. The officer stopped the vehicle. When the officer approached the driver’s window, he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer then explained to the driver why he stopped him and asked about the smell. The driver informed the officer there was nothing in the vehicle. The officer then asked to search of the vehicle and the driver consented. The officer found green leafy pieces (believed to be marijuana) throughout vehicle. There was a bag containing a green leafy substance along with another small bag containing a white powder (believed to be cocaine) under the rear seat. In a bag in the trunk there was a used syringe in a boot. There was also a green pill on the trunk floor. MACE was contacted and the contraband and case were turned over to an agent.

Entering auto, Aug. 8
Oak Hampton, Midway

A complainant said he parked his truck in his driveway around 7:30 p.m. Aug. 8 and that at 7:50 a.m. Aug. 9 he noticed that his passenger side window had been shattered. The complainant said the only thing that appeared to be missing was a $500 pair of Maiu Jim prescription sunglasses. It appeared to the officer the offender(s) used a screwdriver to pry the window until it shattered. A detective was notified.

Simply battery, Aug. 8
Peggy Sue St. Walthourville

An officer was dispatched to the Waltrich Plastic Corp. plant on Airport Road in reference to a complaint of an assault that occurred earlier. Upon arriving, the officer spoke with the complainant who said he went to check on his church that morning. After checking the mail, he sat in his truck to sort through it. The offender approached him and cursed and threatened him. The man also said the complainant had better leave his mother alone or he would kill him. The complainant said he was trying to talk to the offender to explain the disagreement between him and the offender’s mother, but before he could he opened the door and grabbed him by his shirt and tried to pull him out of his truck. He ripped the complainant’s shirt. The offender left the scene and went back to his mother’s house next door.

DFCS referral, Aug. 11
Cooper Lane, Hinesville

A complainant said a day earlier his wife hit the victim in the mouth with a cooking utensil, causing his mouth to bleed and make his lips swell. On Aug. 11, the wife was intoxicated and the kids were left with the grandmother. The complainant said this happens when she drinks, which is almost every day.

Possession of drugs, Aug. 11
Oglethorpe, Walthourville

While on patrol on West Oglethorpe Highway near Smith Road, an officer saw a maroon van leave a known drug area. The officer stopped the van in the parking lot of Clyde’s on Highway 84 at 119. The driver was unable to find her license and was unable to give the officer her driver’s license number. On a check, her license came back suspended. The officer asked for consent to search the vehicle She consented. While searching the officer found a cigarette pack full of several kinds of pills in her pocketbook. In the van’s console, the officer found a bottle filled with several kinds of pills. In the side pocket of the driver door, the office found two crack pipes and another cigarette pack with several kinds of pills in the pack. A MACE agent was notified and responded to the scene and took possession of the substances.

—Emily Peterson

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