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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter
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March 25: Harassing phone calls — A man claimed his wife, who he is separated from, had been sending him harassing texts messages and threatening to keep their kids from him. The man said he asked her repeatedly to stop, but she ignored him. The responding deputy advised the complainant to save the conversation on his phone and provided him with a case number.

Entering automobile —
A Hinesville man said his laptop was missing from his truck after his girlfriend used the vehicle. The woman said she picked up a friend from a gas station and took him to a department store. She said she waited in the truck while the friend went inside. She then dropped the friend off. The woman said she did not see her friend take the laptop and does not know what happened to it. The complainant was issued a case number and told to obtain more information about the laptop.

March 26
 Simple battery — A woman claimed that when she dropped off her children at their father’s house, he got in her face and cursed at her. She said she scratched him to keep him off of her, but he threw her to the ground and put her in a headlock. The man’s father came outside and broke it up. The children’s father told the responding deputy that the woman showed up at his house and told him it was his turn to watch their kids. The man said he got in his car and closed the door, but the woman reportedly jerked it open and put their 1-year-old son in the car. The man said he got out and the woman scratched him. He said he grabbed her to keep her off of him and yelled for his cousin to get his father. The woman was told that she is the children’s legal parent, and no court paperwork exists stating that the children’s father has to watch them. She was told to contact the man in the future to see if he would watch the children instead of just dropping them off. The complainant’s father showed up at the residence, and the 1-year-old went home with him.

Matter of record —
A woman told authorities she had given her sister and her sister’s daughter permission to live rent-free with her. When the woman came to her apartment, she noticed two trucks packed with her furniture parked in front. Additionally, a 50-inch flat-screen TV was missing. The woman taking the furniture claimed she bought it after she saw an ad on Craigslist. The sister reportedly told the Craigslist buyer that she was selling the furniture so she could move to Texas. The buyer was refunded her money and the furniture was unloaded. The complainant’s sister claimed the complainant had given her the furniture. The complainant said she didn’t want to file charges on her sister for selling the TV. The complainant was given a case number.
March 29
 Public drunkenness — A man was arrested on Talmadge Road in Walthourville after initiating contact with deputies and appearing very drunk. The man reportedly was told to leave the premises but was arrested when he refused.

Vicious dog — Deputies were sent to Liberty Regional Medical Center to take a complaint about a pitbull attack in the 10000 block of E.B. Cooper Highway in Riceboro. The man bitten said he did not think the dogs have owners.
Disorderly conduct — A man reported his cousin tried to run him and an acquaintance off the road as they drove on Wells and Mitchell roads. The cousin reportedly trapped the complainant’s vehicle and threatened the pair with a metal pipe when they got out of the cars. The cousin who reportedly threatened the complainant said he did so because his cousin was driving around with his wife, and he suspects they are in a romantic relationship. The wife reported that she and her husband have been divorced for 13 years, though she only recently moved out of his residence.
Disorderly conduct — Deputies were dispatched to break up a fight between roommates in the 100 block of Dogwood Lane in Midway. The men reportedly were fighting over money, and one man would not relinquish the other man’s belongings until he received the money that was reportedly owed to him. One man was arrested for disorderly conduct and was taken to jail.

Criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor — Deputies were dispatched to the Isle of Wight overpass and Highway 405 on reports that juveniles were throwing dead animals off the overpass. The deputy saw one long-haired brown cat on the southbound shoulder that appeared to have been hit by a vehicle. Central dispatch said they received several complaints from callers who said they saw three juveniles throw the animal as they drove through the area.

March 30
 Theft by taking — A resident in the 100 block of Scott Circle reported three goats were missing from his pen. The man said he tried to find evidence such as blood, drag marks or foot prints but was unable, and he suspects someone just picked the goats up and walked off.

April 1
Possession of marijuana, driving while license withdrawn — A Midway man was arrested on Lake Pomona Road in Midway after a deputy answered a report of shots fired. A complainant said he saw someone in a small pickup firing a shot on Islands Highway before heading east. The deputy initiated a stop on a white pickup in the area and found the vehicle smelled like burning marijuana. The driver also reportedly had marijuana traces on his person, and his license had been suspended. He had a juvenile acquaintance in the car with him, who was released to his parents.
Suspended license plate, fleeing or attempting to elude, obstruction, weaving over roadway, failure to obey —Three men were arrested early in the morning near Highway 38 and O.C. Martin Road after a man driving on a suspended plate attempted to evade deputies. Once the vehicle stopped, the driver and a passenger reportedly ran off, leaving several others behind. During a search of the vehicle, marijuana and open alcohol containers were found. The passenger who evaded deputies was later found at Baytree Apartments through Hinesville Police, but deputies still were investigating the driver who fled.
Criminal trespass — A Riceboro man reported that someone had cut a hole in the back window and broken other items belonging to a vacant trailer that he rents. Value of the items was estimated at $1,654.

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