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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for April 1
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Simple battery,
Criminal trespass
March 20
Butter Blount Road

Deputies responded to a domestic dispute and arrested a man who allegedly kicked his girlfriend in the head and threw her sister on the floor. The man also yelled at deputies and would not obey their orders.

Disorderly conduct
March 20
W. Oglethorpe Highway

While trying to resolve a domestic dispute with a couple, a neighbor began to interfere with deputies, obstructing their ability to resolve the issue. The neighbor became verbally abusive toward the officers and she was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Gas drive-off
March 20
Montague Street

A man pumped $33 worth of gas into his vehicle and handed the store clerk a credit card to pay for the gas. The credit card was rejected and the man told the clerk he would go to a store to get a money gram to pay for the gas, but never returned.

Public drunkenness
March 25.
W. Oglethorpe Highway

Deputies arrested a man who was intoxicated and stumbling after receiving complaints he was going around knocking on people’s doors and walking away. The man told deputies he was searching for his house.
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