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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for April 21
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March 9: Simple battery/obstructing or hindering law enforcement/ obstructing or hindering persons making emergency — A woman called the police to her boyfriend’s Coastal Highway residence after they fought and she reported he held her against her will. The woman said the fight began when she was gathering her belongings and calling her daughter to come pick her up.
As she tried to pack her stuff, the boyfriend tossed her belongings around the house and threatened to get a gun and shoot her. Fearing he would follow up on his threat, the woman went toward the door, but she said her boyfriend grabbed her by the wrists and arms, tossed away her cellphone and would not let her leave. She broke free, called her daughter for a ride and waited outside the home for the cops.
Deputies said the man refused to speak with them and stayed behind the locked screen door. At one point, he closed the door and only spoke to police through the locked door. He kept saying nothing happened and that his girlfriend didn’t live there.
Since the woman showed no sign of physical harm, deputies explained how to obtain a temporary protection order.

DUI/possession of open container/weaving across roadway — A female driver was arrested for DUI, and her female passenger was cited for having an open bottle of booze after a traffic stop.
A deputy stopped the car on Highway 196 East because it was weaving across the roadway. At first, the driver denied she had been drinking, but stumbled out of her car and failed the street sobriety test.
The passenger was caught trying to hide an open bottle of brandy.

March 10
Theft by taking/criminal trespass — A man reported several items went missing from the back section of his Tempest Lane home from November until the present. He said his wife noticed a cut in the seat of their swing and also found the starter wires to his riding mower had been cut. Among the items he said were missing were gas containers and an assortment of household goods.

Runaway juvenile — A woman reported her son was missing. She said she argued with him the previous day, but thought the issue had been resolved by that evening. She said she went to wake up her son for school and found he was not in his bedroom or in the house.
The deputy later was dispatched to Snelson-Golden Middle School, where the son said he wanted so speak with counselors and did not want to go home to his mother.
The school principal called the Division of Family and Children Services, but the boy later agreed to go home to his mother.

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