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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Dec. 3
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Nov. 7: Disorderly conduct — A Highway 196 convenience store clerk told deputies a Ludowici woman came into the store where she works and began to yell at her. The woman threatened to “beat her a__” and took a swing at her, the clerk said. The clerk told deputies the woman accused her of sleeping with her ex-husband. The store owner and another man who was inside the story grabbed the woman to keep her from hitting the clerk.

Nov. 9
Burglary – first degree (felony) — An Everette Road woman told deputies she came home to find a strange man in her home. She said she saw the man in her living room when she drove up in the driveway. The woman said the man apparently saw her drive up, because he ran out the front door and into a field near the house. She said several prescription medicines were missing from her bathroom cabinet. The woman admitted to deputies she had not locked the door.

Nov. 10
Theft by taking – misdemeanor — A North Carolina man reported a stolen wallet after he stopped at a Riceboro restaurant. The man told deputies he went into the restroom to change clothes, took his wallet out of his sock and placed it on the toilet paper dispenser. The man said he forgot his wallet when he left the restroom and didn’t remember it until he got outside to his vehicle. When he went back into the restroom to retrieve the wallet it was gone. The man said there was a line going into the restroom when he first entered it.

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