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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Dec. 5
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Nov. 13
Criminal trespass
Talmadge Road, Walthourville

Deputies were dispatched to a report of a burglary and spoke with the complainant who said she saw three men enter into her rental trailer after the tenant moved out. The men caused approximately $300 in damages. She also told deputies the men carried out a microwave oven and threw it through the window of a car that belonged to another tenant of a neighboring mobile home.

Attempted robbery
West Oglethorpe Highway, Walthourville

A man told deputies that someone tried to rob him while he was at an ATM machine at the Cedar Hill MHP. He said he was in his car and once he received his money he was approached by a subject who stood in front of his car and demanded the money. He said he then heard someone approaching the rear of his vehicle so he stepped on the gas, almost hitting the first subject. As he left, he heard something strike the back of his car. Deputies later found a beer bottle at the scene. They believe it was the beer bottle that struck the car.

Criminal trespass
East Oglethorpe Highway, Flemington

A man who was told to stay away from a property reportedly kept coming back. The complainant called the deputies and while they took information the man came back on to the property. The deputies spoke with the subject and advised him that if he returned to the property he would be arrested.
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