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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Feb. 3
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Dec. 27: Matter of record — A Hinesville woman walked into the sheriff’s office and told deputies her ex-husband had called from California about six years ago and had then threatened to bury her. The woman said she has had no contact with him since, but was told he was moving to the area. She requested a report because she fears for her safety.

Dec. 28
Simple battery/cruelty to children, allow child to witness — A 12-year old child called deputies to the family’s Live Oak Church Road home after the father began choking the mother. The father came home drunk and began to argue with the mother over Christmas money, the child told deputies.

Public drunkenness — A deputy observed a Hinesville man walking unsteadily on the side of Georgia Highway 38 and the North Bypass. The officer asked the man if he was OK. The man appeared to be having difficulty keeping his balance and nearly tripped, the deputy reported. The officer said there was an odor of alcohol coming from the man, his speech was heavily slurred and he had trouble standing. The man consented to a roadside breath test, which resulted in a .16.

Dec. 31
Harassing phone calls — A Westfield Road woman told deputies she has been receiving harassing phone calls from her husband. The couple is going through a divorce, she said. The woman said her husband had threatened to kill her. She told officers she kept recordings of the calls.

Jan. 1
Theft by taking, felony — Deputies contacted a Fleming man after his vehicle was found overturned in a ditch on Mount Olivet Church Road and Proman Lane. The man was outside repairing his fence when officers arrived to speak with him.  The man told deputies someone had stolen his vehicle from his home and drove it through his fence.

Jan. 7
Accidental gunshot wound — A 41-year-old man reportedly shot himself in the hand while attempting to clean his .40 caliber pistol. The man was visiting a woman’s residence on Salter Farm Road in Midway when the accident reportedly occurred. He told deputies at Winn Army Community Hospital he was attempting to clean the Springfield SD .40 caliber pistol when it discharged. The bullet went through his hand and into a refrigerator. The woman who resides at the residence confirmed his report. There were no other injuries.

Jan. 9
Animal complaint — A Liberty County deputy was dispatched to a residence on Beaulah Road in Midway in response to an animal complaint. A woman said she was having problems with a large dog that belonged to her neighbor. She said the dog was not restrained. The officer then saw a large white dog running loose, which began to approach him. When he turned to face the dog, it began growling at him. He reported that it was “showing signs of aggression and showing its teeth.”
He said he made contact with an unknown female at the house. She told him the dog was harmless. An animal-control officer also at the scene told her the dog had tried to bite him. Another female then came to the door. She complained there were other loose dogs in the neighborhood and wanted to know why they were after her dog. She was advised by the officer to tie up the dog. The woman who had filed the complaint was given a case number and advised to call 911 if there were any more issues with the dog.

Public drunkenness —A 58-year-old Midway man was arrested by a Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputy after he reportedly became loud and abusive with EMS personnel at EMS Station No. 2. The man reportedly showed up at the station, demanding that they take him home. He appeared to be intoxicated. When he was told they couldn’t do that, he demanded they take him to a hospital.
When the deputy arrived, he told the man to get in his vehicle, that he would give him a ride. He reported the man appeared unsteady and had a strong odor of alcohol. As they left, he told the man he was not taking him home but to the Liberty County jail. The man said he only lived across the road from the EMS station, so the deputy asked if he walked over to the station, why didn’t he just walk back? The man’s response was that he was drunk.

Illegal possession of controlled substance; possession of marijuana; speeding in excess of maximum limit — A Fleming man and two men from Savannah were arrested after their vehicle was stopped by a Liberty County deputy for speeding. The driver was uncooperative when the deputy asked for his driver’s license, so the deputy called for backup. A later search of the vehicle found a clear plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana. All three were arrested. While en route to the Liberty County jail, the driver asked the deputy to pull over. He wanted to hand over another bag of marijuana he had hidden on his person.

Jan. 17
Marijuana possession/possession of drug related items/speeding/failure to have license — A nervous tick and a speeding violation resulted in the arrest of a man after a traffic stop on Lewis Frasier and Salter Farm roads. Deputies clocked a vehicle driving above the speed limit and pulled over the driver. As police asked for his license, the deputy noticed the man’s hand started to twitch and he suddenly appeared nervous. The man produced a vehicle registration, but said he didn’t have his license on him. The man gave verbal consent to have the car searched, which resulted in the discovery of a pipe, marijuana and digital scales in the truck. The man was arrested, taken to jail and booked.

Jan. 18
Burglary — A woman returned home from an out-of-town visit after her neighbor called and said her front door was open and her 40-inch flat-screen TV was missing from her Live Oak Church Road home.
Also missing was a gaming console and some games.
Deputies reported someone moved the window screen in the back room and opened the window from the inside to make it appear as if they broke open the window to gain entry. The case remains under investigation and the serial numbers of the items were recorded to see if the thieves try to pawn the items.

Simple battery — A man reported he was pushed down to the ground by another man who blamed his drug-related arrest on the complainant. The man said he wasn’t kicked or punched, just pushed hard to the ground. He said the assailant lives close-by but wasn’t sure where and that he left before cops arrived.

Jan. 19
Verbal dispute — A man came home to find all his belongings had been tossed out in the front yard of the Oak Harvest Drive home that belongs to his girlfriend. The man said he stepped out of the house to pick up some takeout food and his girlfriend used the time to throw his stuff out. The woman said she had been trying to get him out of the house for several days and that the man had agreed to move out but failed to leave. She said she heard her ex-boyfriend making plans to kill her. The police told the man to leave.

Jan. 20
Matter of record — A woman called deputies to voice her concern regarding a man who was driving an off-road vehicle in the ditch in front of her Butter Blount Road house in Midway. She said she was concerned because the man was towing two children who were not wearing helmets.
Deputies went to speak with the man, who allegedly was aggressive and intoxicated. He said he was not driving the ATV in the ditch, his kids were.

Found property — A deputy tried to return a wallet he found on Curtis Road in Hinesville but no one responded to repeated knocks on the door. The deputy took the wallet for safe keeping and later was able to return the wallet to its rightful owner.

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