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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 18

Recent reports filed at the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

June 3
Simple battery — A deputy was dispatched in reference to a fight on West Ridge Court in Midway. The offender drove to the address to confront the victim about videotaping his children. He began beating up the victim, but the victim said he did not know why the offender came over and attacked him. The offender told the deputy he was taking care of business and getting his point across not to mess with his children. The victim’s ear was swollen, and there were scratch marks on his back.  

June 4
Theft by taking, misdemeanor — At 10 a.m., a deputy was dispatched to the Liberty County jail because of a walk-in. A complainant and her husband said their Kindle was missing. They asked their daughter if she had it, and she said no. Ten minutes later, the daughter came back with the Kindle. She said she did not bring it back at first because she didn’t want her parents seeing her Facebook page.
The parents looked at the Kindle and found a pornographic video on it. The daughter had downloaded it and forwarded it to others. The mother later found that the daughter had taken seven of her brother’s Adderalls. She was sent to the hospital and is on probation with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

June 5
Matter of record — Two deputies went to Dairy Road in Hinesville after a man reported his girlfriend was threatening to kill herself. He said she threatened to do so with a gun and a razor that she held to her stomach. He had a recording of the incident on his phone. The girlfriend said she was not trying to harm herself. She said she was trying to leave the house to go see her family, but her boyfriend did not want her to leave. She said he instigated the argument in order to have her put in the hospital for evaluation. She already is under close medical supervision due to complications from her pregnancy. She said he had done it in the past to keep her from leaving.
The deputies could not confirm from the recording that she said she was going to use a gun and a razor to kill herself.

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