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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 3
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Criminal trespass
May 12, 2007
West Oglethorpe Highway

A woman reported she was attacked by a group of women as she left Bo-Maz. The offenders reportedly carried baseball bats and damaged the hood of the vehicle she was sitting in. Deputies were unable to find the assailants.

Disorderly conduct/ obstruction (Misd.)/public drunkeness
May 14, 2007
Joyner Road, Hinesville

Deputies were dispatched to a fight and when they arrived in the vicinity three men took off running. The deputies followed and asked for the men to stop and lay on the ground. Two of the men complied immediately while the third refused and began to curse the officers. Deputies told him to calm down or he would be arrested, but he continued to refuse to obey the officers’ orders. He tried to break free of an officer’s grip twice and continued to threaten officers. Deputies pulled out their Tasers and the man complied and was arrested.

DUI/improper lane change
May 16, 2007
Gen. Screven and 196 West

Deputies stopped a vehicle that made an improper lane change and left turn into the parking lot of Hardees. When asked to step out of the vehicle, the female driver stumbled and was slurring her speech. Deputies asked her to stand up straight and recite the ABC’s but she was unable to do so and admitted to having a drink. She was arrested for DUI under 21 and later tested at .092 on a breath test.

Obstruction of an officer
May 16, 2007
Miller Street at Highway 84

Deputies put out a warrant on a man who ran into the woods after being stopped for a traffic violation. A passenger said the driver took off because he knew his license was suspended.

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
May 17, 2007
Greelee Drive, Midway

A complainant advised the sheriff’s office that a man was talking and acting crazy and was walking around with a gun. Deputies contacted the man who said he threw the gun into the bushes. He said it was not his, that he was just cleaning it for a friend. A check revealed the man was a convicted felon and the gun had been reported stolen from Lowndes County. He was arrested.

Criminal trespass/disorderly conduct/simple battery
May 19, 2007
Kelly Drive, Hinesville

A man noticed that someone had broken the rear window of his vehicle and when he went to ask a neighbor about it, the neighbor yelled obscenities at him. The neighbor said that when the man came over he was attacked by the man with a closed fist. He said he was defending himself when he pushed him and began yelling.

DFCS Referral
May 23, 2007
Mystic place, Hinesville

Complainant informed police about the condition of a neighbors’ home where reportedly, trash and feces were visible and children have been seen living in deplorable conditions. According to the neighbors the odor from the trash lingers throughout the neighborhood and rotten food with maggots sits on the porch. DFCS was called to investigate on the children’s behalf.

Criminal trespass/public drunkenness
May 23, 2007
Shadow Drive, Midway

A woman, described as severely intoxicated, knocked on a neighbor’s door and began an argument. The neighbor closed the door on her, and she reportedly kicked in the door and damaged the frame. The neighbor pushed her from the doorway and she stumbled and fell down the front patio steps. EMS was called in she complained of back pain and damage to her ribs that were broken in a previous incident. She was unable to speak clearly to the officers and was not able to provide her Social Security number when asked.

Aggravated assault/terroristic threats
May 23, 2007
Live Oak Church Road

A man was arrested after threatening to shoot his neighbor and kids. The man, reportedly drunk, carried around a gas can and on occasion would throw gas on the ground in the shape of a cross and light it, yelling KKK.  Witnesses say the man grabbed a baseball bat and was swinging it around the children and later threatened to get a gun and shoot everyone.

—Patty Leon

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