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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for March 26
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March 1: Child molestation — A Flemington woman filed a complaint with the Liberty County Sherriff’s Office that her ex-husband had molested their 8-year-old son. The 50-year-old Richmond Hill man reportedly picked up their son Feb. 28 to take him to the Jacksonville Zoo. The boy told his mother his dad stopped first to get a bottle of vodka. Before going to the zoo on Saturday, they stayed at a motel in Jacksonville that only had one bed. He said his father was drinking that night and that he touched him under his clothes in the front and back of his pants. His father was not wearing any clothes at the time, the boy told his mother.
The investigating deputy contacted a detective, whom the woman was told to contact the next day.

March 2
Possession of marijuana/speeding in excess of maximum limits — A 25-year-old Midway man was stopped by an LCSO deputy after the deputy saw his vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. A radar check clocked the vehicle doing 70 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. He pursued the silver Dodge Magnum and activated his emergency lights. As he explained the reason he had stopped the car, the driver argued with a female passenger. The deputy said he could smell marijuana, so he asked the driver if he had any marijuana on him. The driver said he did not, that he had smoked some earlier, which is what the officer smelled. When he attempted to empty his pockets, however, a plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance fell out of his pocket. The man was arrested and taken to the Liberty County Jail.

March 6
Theft by taking — A woman said she hired a home-repair company to demolish her old shed in the backyard of her Dunleive Road home. The woman said the next day she noticed her generator was gone. She called the repair company and they said they thought it was trash, so they placed it on the side of the road before the demolition.

March 7
Driving while license withdrawn/unsafe vehicle or equipment — A deputy spotted a car that had a broken tail light and initiated a traffic stop at the Flash Foods gas station on Gen. Screven and Highway 38. The deputy asked the man for his license, but the man said he didn’t have it on him and provided the deputy with his birth date and name. It turned out the man’s license was suspended for a DUI. The deputy also smelled alcohol on the driver and the driver failed an on-site breath test. The man was taken to jail and retested, where he was found to be within the legal limit. He was cited for driving while license was suspended and no tail light.

Simple battery/cruelty to children — A man who appeared to be intoxicated was arrested after hitting his girlfriend and doing so in front of her children.
The woman said the man started verbally arguing with her about who her daughter was dating. The verbal fight turned physical and the woman reported being punched in the nose. The deputy said there was blood on the floor.
The man said the woman started hitting him first but the deputy reported the evidence suggested the wounds the man had were due to the woman defending herself.

Wanted subject — A deputy stopped a tan-colored car that had a busted tail light and ran the driver’s license.
The woman was wanted by the Hinesville Police Department. She was arrested and taken to HPD.
Criminal trespass — A woman parked her GMC Denali in front of her Robinson Street home in Midway and went inside her house. The woman said she was inside her house for about an hour when she got ready to run some errands. When she went to her car, she saw that someone had shattered her driver’s side window.

March 8
Possession of marijuana — A deputy observed a black Honda Prelude traveling on Leroy Coffer Highway and noticed it was weaving across the roadway. The deputy made a traffic stop. As the deputy approached, the car the driver opened his window. The deputy reported he detected a strong odor of marijuana and called for the K-9 unit. The deputy then walked the drug-sniffing dog around the vehicle, where the dog alerted the deputy to possible drugs in the car. The driver and passenger were asked to step out of the car while the deputies searched the vehicle. The cops found what they believed to be marijuana and a half-smoked joint as well as two white pills in the car. The male driver and female passenger were arrested and charged.

Pedestrian under the influence — A man had been found lying in the middle of Limerick Road. The man later woke up and walked to the Lake George Fire Department, where the police were notified the man possibly had overdosed on pills. The deputies responded and found the man was severely drugged and noticed he had two prescription pill bottles that had a significant amount of pills missing. The deputy placed the man in his patrol car to take him to jail but the man kept falling asleep, each time becoming more and more unresponsive. The deputy drove him to Liberty Regional Medical Center, where the staff planned to stabilize the man then transport him to Savannah.

Driving while license withdrawn/driving on wrong side of road/expired license — A woman was driving in the left lane of traffic but going slower than the posted speed limit. A deputy noticed she was impeding the flow of traffic and pulled the vehicle over at the Clyde’s gas station on Butler Street in Midway. When the deputy checked the woman’s license, it had been previously suspended.

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