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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for May 1
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April 1: Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers — A Savannah man and California man were arrested in Walthourville at Dunlevie Road and Barnard Pray Road after a traffic stop. Deputies discovered the California man had a warrant out for his arrest. As the deputy waited for backup, he noticed that passengers in the vehicle were acting suspicious. A search found marijuana paraphernalia in the car. Two of three passengers reportedly gave proper names, but a third repeatedly gave a false name and date of birth. He was arrested for obstruction.

April 2
Matter of record — A resident in the 4600 block of Sunbury Road in Midway reported that his Yorkshire terrier was attacked and bitten by two dogs that belonged to his neighbor. Both the terrier’s owner and the neighbor reportedly agreed that a large dog owned by the neighbor poses a threat to the complainant’s dog. The complainant said both of his neighbor’s dogs are aggressive. The case was handed to environmental health, which said it would place the aggressive dogs under a 10-day quarantine for observation.

April 3
Marijuana possession less than 1 ounce, speeding — An Allenhurst man was arrested after a traffic stop found that the driver was wanted by both LCSO and Hinesville Police Department for burglary. After the man was cuffed, officers found what was thought to be marijuana in the center console. The man was issued two citations for speeding and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Public drunkenness — A female was arrested on Button Gwinnett Ave. in Midway for public drunkenness after deputies responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle. The woman reportedly was not in the vehicle when the deputies made contact but was in the road in front of her mobile home and appeared intoxicated.

Burglary — A man reported that a home in the 1500 block of Sandy Run Road in Riceboro had been burglarized. The back door was kicked open, and missing were a stove, refrigerator, water heater, three chainsaws, a stereo amplifier and two milk crates containing hand tools. The value of the items was estimated at $1,654.

April 3
Death Investigation — The death of a 71-year-old Midway man is being investigated. Following a call by the man’s son, the LCSO deputy found him in his home on David Williams Road, sitting in a chair with a small caliber revolver in his hand. The man’s son said he last talked to his father the night before. When he came by to check on him the next morning, his father didn’t answer the door, so he came back that afternoon after he got off work.

April 5
Burglary — A Midway man who rents an upstairs room to a woman reported items stolen from his house while he and the woman were away. The man, who is going through a divorce, said he left the house that morning, as did the woman. When he returned, his AR-15 was missing from a closet and a Glock .45 caliber pistol the woman was keeping for him was missing. A cell phone was also missing from the woman’s room.
A separate report filed by a LCSO deputy on April 8 said the man’s neighbor reported seeing his estranged wife climbing in an upstairs window. The woman said she saw the man’s wife take a ladder from the garage. She did not see the woman take anything but said his wife did return the ladder to the garage.

April 6
Battery/obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers — A Midway resident on Screven Fork Road was arrested following a report by a Hinesville woman that he hit her in the face with his closed fist and plucked hair from the back of her head. The woman said an altercation started when she went to her former boyfriend’s house to pick up their child. After he hit her, she jumped in the car with a friend and sped away as her brother drove into the driveway. Shots were supposedly heard after she left.
The deputy found a patch of hair on the ground near where the altercation occurred but did not find a gun or shell casings. After questioning the man, the deputy determined he was the aggressor and read him his rights. The man refused to cooperate and another officer was called in. He still resisted being handcuffed.
The deputy reported that while en route to the jail, the man made a “spontaneous utterance,” saying it was his former girlfriend’s brother who fired the shots, trying to get him to come back outside. He said he didn’t want to file a statement because when he got out of jail, he was going “to go Columbine on (them).” He made similar threats while being booked and in the holding cell, saying he was going to kill his ex-girlfriend and her brother.

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