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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for May 20
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Simple assault/criminal trespass
May 8, 2007
Nancy Court, Riceboro

Two brothers were reportedly arguing about a girl when one of them got his gun, loaded it and fired one shot into the ceiling of the livingroom, damaging the ceiling and roof. Later deputies reported the same brother threw his cell phone against a wall, breaking it into small pieces. He was arrested under the family violence act.

Obstruction of an officer/ pedestrian right-of-way in crosswalk/ possession of cocaine
May 8, 2007
East Oglethorpe Highway. Flemington

A deputy, patrolling the parking lot of Liberty County High School, observed a car that was traveling at a high rate of speed that failed to stop at a crosswalk where a teacher was waiting to cross. When the deputy stopped the driver, the man reportedly refused to comply with the officer’s request to show his driver’s license and kept insisting on putting his right hand into his pants pocket. The driver then refused to put his hands behind his head and a brief scuffle ensued. The deputy received several cuts on his hands and the driver got a cut on his elbow. The owner of the vehicle, who was seated in the passenger seat, gave the officer’s consent to search the vehicle. The deputy found a small, yellow plastic baggie that appeared to contain cocaine. A passenger in the back seat was checked for warrants and it was found he had an outstanding warrant for child support. All three subjects were placed under arrest.

Matter of record
May 10, 2007
Bucks MH Park, Hinesville

Deputies reportedly responded to three calls to the same residence because a complainant kept calling 911 to report her grandchildren were not listening to her. The complainant was advised on the proper use of the 911 system and was asked to call the Department of Juvenile Justice to handle the pending case already filed for this family.

--Patty Leon

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