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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for May 21
crime scene

Here are reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office:

March 23
• Simple battery — A Savannah man told police he went to his friend’s home in Riceboro to inform his friend’s wife that her husband was cheating on her. The friend reportedly did not like what was said and tried to charge after the man on the porch, but the man held his friend in a headlock until deputies arrived.
The friend declined to tell deputies his side of the story. Neither the man nor his friend showed any visible signs of injury, according to the LCSO report.

March 24
• Simple assault — A Hazelhurst woman told deputies a Holmestown Road man threatened to hit her with a set of brass knuckles when she refused him sex because they only recently had met. He then told her to get her stuff and leave, she said.
The man told deputies he did not own a pair of brass knuckles or ask the woman for sex. He said he got mad and asked the woman to leave because she could not make up her mind whether she wanted him to cook or get a movie.

April 1
• Road rage — A 57-year-old Hinesville woman told an LCSO deputy that a man wearing a prison-guard uniform ran her off the road around 6 a.m. She said she was traveling west on Highway 196 when a dark-blue Chevy Monte Carlo with a damaged front end on the driver’s side ran her off the road.
She said she was driving about 60 mph when the man first began following close on her rear bumper. When she reached the area where the road becomes four lanes, she took the slow lane and he took the fast lane. She said he drifted into her lane, forcing her off the road. She continued west on Highway 196, and he continued side by side. At one point, he rolled down his window so she could see his uniform. He eventually turned off on Airport Road, but she was unable to get his license-plate number.

April 2
• Burglary — An Allenhurst man called LCSO about several guns stolen from his residence on Cynthia Lane. He told the deputy that when he left his residence around 6:30 a.m. April 1, all was in order. When he returned around 4:30 p.m. April 2, he found his back door had been forced open and his house was in disarray. A check for missing items revealed several missing guns, including a 12-gauge shotgun, .50-caliber muzzle loader, pellet rifle and .17-caliber bolt-action rifle. Also taken was an Xbox. The total estimated value of the stolen items was nearly $2,700.

April 6
• Death/possible overdose — An LCSO deputy responded to a call about a 48-year-old Midway man found unresponsive in his home. The man’s girlfriend said he took five oxycodone pills and drank six 16-ounce beers the night before. She said he had high blood pressure and diabetes but was not on any medication other than the oxycodone. He reportedly told her at the time he took the pills, “I’m tired of this crap. This will make it easier.”
She said she checked on him the next day around 1 p.m. before leaving to visit a friend. He still was breathing, she said, and sleeping on the couch. When she returned around 3:30 p.m., he no longer was breathing, she said. The report noted that EMS personnel were unable to revive him with CPR.

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