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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Nov. 22
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Sept. 30: Simple battery — A school bus driver will be filing a report after two of his Snelson-Golden Middle School bus riders allegedly got into a fight. One of the kids said he accidentally hit the other boy with his back pack as he exited the bus.
The child said the other boy then turned around and hit him multiple times. The other boy said he did get hit in the back of the head but couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not so he hit back in self defense.

Oct. 10
Possession of controlled substance — A 49-year-old Midway woman was arrested for possession of a glass pipe and a metal pipe found to have residue of crack cocaine. The woman was spotted sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle on the side of the road near Highway 25 and Evette Lane.
A pickup also was spotted in the driveway of a nearby abandoned house.
After the deputy stopped, a man came out of the woods and said he had stopped to use the restroom. He then said he met the woman to give her a ride.
The woman said she had called the man to ask for a ride home.
She agreed to a search of the vehicle and to remove everything in her pockets. Her pockets contained a glass pipe with burn marks later determined to be crack cocaine. A metal pipe was found between the seats and had traces of crack cocaine.
She then told the officer she had been smoking the drug at a home on Baconton Road but didn’t remember the address. She said both pipes belonged to her, so the man was released.

Oct. 31
Criminal trespass — A 53-year-old Midway man reported that three men who lived on the property behind his asked him about removing some brush from his property where it bordered theirs. He said he told them no.
The man left around midnight Oct. 30 and returned around 7 a.m. and found that the brush had be cut down and removed.
The investigating deputy found a pair of shears in the neighbor’s yard, and a still-burning pit. The neighbor was not home.
The man was advised about warrant procedures.

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