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Liberty County Sheriffs Office blotter
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Nov. 11: Failure to maintain lane — A deputy driving on Highway 196 East noticed a Mitsubishi in front of him weaving in and out of the lane. He pulled over the car and the driver told the deputy she was tired. He asked her if she’d had anything to drink. The driver said she did have a drink about four hours earlier. Alcohol sensor test results were positive for alcohol, so the woman was arrested and the car was towed. An Intoxilizer 5000 test administered to the woman at the jail twice resulted in a .00 blood alcohol level, so the deputy wrote the woman citations for weaving over the roadway and seatbelt violation. She was not booked into the jail and was released.

Suspicious activity — Two individuals reportedly were found trespassing on Coastal Electric property. A man and a woman told the responding deputy that they were geocaching. They were told the location was private property and were instructed not to come back unless conducting official business. The two left without further incident.

Nov. 13

Criminal trespass — A man complained his ex-girlfriend came to his current girlfriend’s house, kicked his vehicle and then hit it with her vehicle before leaving the scene. The responding deputy said damage to the man’s vehicle was not consistent with it being struck by another vehicle. The man’s current girlfriend said she saw his ex-girlfriend kick the car, but only heard her hit it with her vehicle. Deputies went to the ex-girlfriend’s house, where she admitted to going to her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend’s house, but denied kicking or striking her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle. The responding deputy examined the ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and found no evidence she had used it to strike her ex-boyfriend’s car. She was told not to return to her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend’s residence.

Nov. 14

Suspicious activity — A Lewis Frasier Road woman said she arrived home to find her front door open, but she did not leave it that way. The responding deputy found no one inside the home and no evidence of burglary. He and the woman determined the door was not closed properly when the woman left and one of her outside dogs pushed the door open.

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