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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter Mar. 12
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Liberty County Blotters

Feb. 21
Arnold Drive and Griffin Road, Walthourville

A deputy had to Tase a man who ran after being pulled over for having a taillight out.  After being Tased he was taken to jail and cited for obstruction and given a written warning for the faulty taillight.

Feb. 23
Illegal dumping
Ray Road, Hinesville

A man filed a complaint saying he found illegally dumped trash on his property.  He told the deputy between Thursday and Saturday someone dumped several bags of trash and other items throughout his property.

Feb. 24
Simple battery
Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville

A delivery driver for Orient Express, who was angry that his hours were cut, allegedly punched his boss in the face, causing his nose to bleed and chipping a tooth. The boss reported he cut the driver's hours after he admitted he worked while under the influence of drugs.

Feb. 25
Barton Court, Hinesville

A woman reported someone broke into her home through a window of the master bedroom and stole a 42" HD plasma TV, a Memorex surround sound system, a flat screen TV, a Dell laptop computer, a WII game system and $300 in cash.  She reported she left her house at 6:30 a.m. and got home around 5:45 p.m. and discovered the items were missing.

Feb. 25
Accidental damage
Retriever Way, Allenhurst

A woman complained her neighbor's dog and small children continually broke through her fence and have damaged her door and window screens. She also claimed the neighbor has infringed on her property line. The deputy advised the matter was a civil matter and also called Animal Control to address the dog issue.

Feb. 25
Theft by taking - vehicle
Butter Blount Road, Fleming

A woman claimed her very dirty, white van was stolen from her yard. According to the woman the van was not drivable.

March 1
Interstate Paper Company, Riceboro

A disgruntled, fired ex-employee went to his former boss to complain that he deserved his last paycheck. He threatened that if he did not receive his check something bad would happen.

March 2
Stolen vehicle recovered
Elam Road, Hinesville

A man found the burned remains of a jeep along the road. The car was burned and partially submerged in the water in the ditch. When deputies pulled the vehicle out of the ditch they found the car's VIN number and traced it back to a red Jeep Wrangler that was reported stolen on Feb. 23 from Fort Stewart.

March 3
Criminal trespass
Edgewater Drive, Midway

A concrete table and bench were found vandalized on school property. A worker reported he saw kids skateboarding in the parking lot after school and when he came to work in the morning he discovered the damage. They also found someone broke a hall window with a piece of the concrete and found a floodlight that was damaged.

March 3
Dog attack
Lake Drive, Midway

A woman said her neighbor's dogs had attacked her spaniel and showed the bleeding dog to the deputy. Another neighbor said he and his wife witnessed the attack and he went outside to break up the attack with a stick only to have the dogs come after him. He was able to fight them away with the stick and a verbal command.
The neighbor explained she was house sitting for her son and accidentally opened the garage. The dogs ran out and that is when they fought the neighbor's dog. She spent the next few hours getting the dogs back in the garage. The deputy ruled the incident an accident but called in Animal Control to investigate whether the dogs should be classified as vicious.

March 3
Simple battery
Deerwood Court, Hinesville

An altercation involving pushing and shoving took place when a woman went to man's home to complain he had trespassed on her property. She reported they argued and when she was leaving he came over to her car and took her cell phone. She got out of the car and said the man grabbed her arm and pushed her back into the car. He then started cussing at her. She left and filed the report.

March 4
Nuisances (fowl) / anti-tethering law
Griffin Road, Walthourville

A woman was told to control the number of chickens and chained dogs she had in her yard because they were disturbing neighbors and the dogs were improperly chained in the yard. The woman claimed the animals belonged to her father. Animal Control was called and they advised her to put the dogs in a run system or residents would be fined.

March 5
Deputies responded to a report of a drug overdose at I-95's Exit 67 and found a woman had attempted to take her life by swallowing five bottles of Tylenol. Her parents were notified and the deputies learned that it was the second time she attempted suicide. She was taken to Winn Army Community Hospital.
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