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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter May 14
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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter

April 6
Dunlevie Road, Allenhurst
Theft by shoplifting

Three juveniles were questioned and two were arrested after a review of video at the Clyde's store allegedly revealed them taking candy without paying for it. Deputy Shane Brazier also reported he collected candy the kids had thrown on the floor as he approached them for questioning.  The Department of Juvenile Justice was briefed and the offenders were released to the custody of their parents.

April 14
No insurance
Suspended registration
Highway 196, Fleming

Deputy Larry Bell received a call from dispatch about a possible drunk driver weaving and hitting barricades. As the deputy headed toward the scene a second radio call came in saying the driver had driven into a ditch. Bell arrived to find a woman who reportedly told the deputy she had been drinking and was on medication. Her initial test proved positive for alcohol and she was arrested. A check of her vehicle registration revealed she had no valid insurance, had a suspended registration and the deputy said he found open bottles of liquor in the car.

April 15
Weaving over the road
Fleeing and attempting to elude
West Gen. Screven Way, Hinesville

Deputy Larry Bell reported he sas a Jeep Grand Cherokee weaving, nearly striking the curb on Highway 196 near Arby's. When the vehicle pulled into the Arby's parking lot the deputy approached and noticed there was a female and male passenger in the car. Bell asked the driver to remain seated. The man in the rear seat had gotten out and ignored repeated requests by the deputy to stop.  Bell reported he tried to detain the man when the Jeep suddenly pulled out of the parking lot.  Assisting deputies found the Jeep parked on Glenwood Drive. It was empty, but deputies say they found a concealed knife and papers belonging to the suspected driver. A background check found the driver had a suspended license, no proper insurance, an invalid tag and expired registration. The deputies searched for the driver and female passenger. The male passenger was taken to jail.

April 15
Matter of record
Vehicle fire
Windy Lane, Midway

A man filed a report with the sheriff's office saying he came home from work and threw a cigarette butt into the bed of his truck by accident. He said he went inside to eat and later went into the carport to get a beer when he saw the bed and back of his truck on fire.  The man said he called 911 and sprayed his truck with water. Units arrived and extinguished the flames.

April 16
Trafficking Ecstasy
Possession of cocaine
Georgia Highway 405, Midway

Deputy Jeff Dawson reported he stopped a van for crossing the center lane and talked to the driver and passenger, explaining the reason for the stop and trying to determine where they were headed. After the discussion the deputy asked if he could search the van and the driver said no. The deputy brought his dogout and did an exterior search and the dog reacted. Reporting he had probable cause the deputy searched the van and allegedly found a sock that had a small bag of white substance he believed was cocaine and two heat sealed bags containing pills. The deputy reported he found a large amount of currency wrapped in rubber bands and an unmarked silver cylinder in the driver's suitcase.  MACE was notified to assist and the driver and passenger were arrested.

April 18
Indecent exposure
Butter Blount Road, Fleming

Deputy Stephen Wingate responded to a suspicious person call, only to discover two men allegedly "mooning" each other. Both men allege that the other party started it and were also shooting the finger at each other and cursing.

April 19
DUI (drugs)
Driving with a suspended license
Loud music
St. Johns Road, Hinesville

Deputy Larry Bell stopped a car for violating the loud music ordinance. The driver appeared nervous and explained he had a license from Washington, D.C., and that he recently paid a citation that may show up as a warrant. His background check did reveal a warrant for a suspended license in Georgia. He was told to get out. An assisting deputy noticed he was chewing something. It was later reported that he said he was chewing marijuana but the deputy discovered it was a dollar bill they believe to have cocaine on it. He was taken to the hospital for blood test and pending the outcome he may face charges of driving under the influence of drugs. Deputies say he also had warrants for drug charges in Long County.

April 19
Possession of cocaine
Country Manor Mobile Home Park, Walthourville

Deputy Larry Bell said he spotted a car making a U-turn, allegedly after another car flashed his lights to warn the deputy was on the side of the road. Bell reported the car had a headlight out and he followed it. The deputy said he tried to pull the car over but the driver kept going, turning into the Country Manor. The driver reportedly told the deputy he had a suspended license. The deputy noticed an open can of beer and said he found a straw with a whit powder on it. He also found a pill container that had a white substance in it. The deputy said he believed both were cocaine. MACE was notified and the case turned over to them.

April 20
Ppossession of marijuana (misdemeanor)
Open container
I-95, Midway

After clocking a vehicle on radar, Deputy Adam Denton stopped a Pontiac. Denton said he immediately noticed a strong odor of marijuana from the car. The deputy called for back up and when it arrived they had the occupants get out of the car one by one. The deputy said their search revealed a clear plastic container that had cash in it, a cigar box with what was suspected to be two marijuana blunts and a baggy with a green leafy substance. MACE was called to and the three people were arrested. The cash amounted to $10,000.

April 26
Possession of cocaine
Ppedestrian under the influence
Disorderly conduct
East Oglethorpe Highway, Midway

Deputy Adam Denton responded to a call about a disturbance and found a man standing outside the Tru Playas Club. The man appeared intoxicated and was belligerent. Not cooperating to requests to leave the area, he was arrested. The deputy said he found a clear plastic baggy with what he believed was cocaine in the offender's car. The man reportedly cursed and yelled at Denton while being booked and in jail.

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