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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter May 29
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LCSO Blotter

May 3
Sexual assault
Blue Heron Road, Riceboro

Deputy Gary Eason spoke with a distraught parent who said her son claimed he was sexually assaulted by another young man while at Boy Scout camp. The case is being investigated.

May 3
Driving with a suspended license
Old Sikes Road, Midway

Deputy Larry Bell was on patrol in the area of Isle of Wight Road when he reportedly saw a car traveling fast. He said he verified the driver was speeding with his radar gun and made a stop. Bell said the driver reported his license was expired for a DUI. Bell said the driver smelled of alcohol. A check revealed the tag was not assigned to the vehicle he was driving. The driver was arrested. A subsequent breath test resulted in a positive test for alcohol with a reading of .160. He was taken to jail.

May 4
Simple battery
Bill Carter Road, Midway

Deputy Jay Smiley responded to an altercation that allegedly started between two men arguing over a girl. The deputy saw one man had a cut and swollen right eye. Warrant procedures were advised.

May 4
Simple battery
Criminal trespass
Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville

Deputy Stephen Wingate responded to a call regarding threats and found a man had been beaten and left with a bloody mouth and nose. The man said another man called him on his cell phone and said he was on his way to beat him up. The man arrived and started punching him. Once it was over, the victim said the man ran to his car and left. The man did not give a reason for the fight to the deputy.

May 5
Criminal trespass
Paris Loop Road, Hinesville

Deputy Stephen Wingate responded to a report of a prowler and spoke with a woman who said she woke up to the sound of someone outside her front window. She said she looked out a window and saw a man in a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans outside. The deputy observed the window screen was bent where the subject was allegedly standing.

May 5
Criminal trespass
West Oglethorpe Highway

Deputy Stephen Wingate was sent to the Allenhurst Post Office where a man filed a complaint regarding a shattered window. The man said he parked his car and another man jumped out of his car, ran up to his, and hit the window with his fist, shattering the window.

May 5
Disorderly conduct
Faye Drive, Midway

Deputy Sgt. Andrew Gose responded to an altercation where an allegedly drunk man yelled at two women who were cleaning out a residence. One of the women was moving out and the other woman came to help when the man came out and yelled expletives at them. The deputy spoke to the man and said he smelled alcohol on his breath. Warrant procedures were explained.

May 7
Possession of cocaine
Possession of marijuana
No child seat
Church Street, Allenhurst

Deputy Larry Bell stopped a vehicle when he saw there was a child seated on someone's lap inside instead of in a child safety seat. The driver told the deputy he didn't have his license with him and they were moving and did not have room for the child seat. Bell reported he smelled what he believed was marijuana and questioned the driver. Deputy Wade Long came to help and brought his dog patrol. Everyone was asked to get out of the vehicle and the deputies searched it. They found what appeared to be a small bag with white residue they believed to be cocaine. The deputies called for DFCS, Animal Control and MACE to assist. The deputies reported they also found what looked like marijuana seeds, a crack pipe and half of what they suspected was a marijuana joint. They also found paperwork indicating the woman had earlier been arrested in South Carolina on drug charges. DFCS picked up the child, Animal Control took a dog and MACE recovered the evidence, while the driver and two passengers were arrested.

May 8
Possession of cocaine
Possession of marijuana (misdemeanor)
Destruction of evidence
Glenn Bryant Road, Hinesville

Deputy Shawn Fields was stopping a vehicle for speeding when he saw the driver throw a clear plastic bag out a window. The driver drove about another 30 yards before stopping. The driver told the deputy he didn't have his license. Fields told the man he saw him throw a bag out and questioned whether he had any drugs in the car. The man said he didn't. Another deputy was called to look for the thrown bag. Fields placed the driver in handcuffs and went to talk with the passenger. The assisting deputy arrived and said the driver had something in his mouth and appeared to be eating what could be more drugs. The deputies tried to get the driver to spit out the bag but he did not comply until her was Tasered. Both men were arrested and the driver was taken to the hospital after he allegedly told the deputies he swallowed an "eight ball" of cocaine.
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