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Liberty County Sheriffs Office blotters
Crime scene tape

June 13
Disorderly conduct — A deputy called for assistance in the Doodles parking lot.
Two deputies showed up, and the deputy who already was there told them that an unknown man told him to keep an eye on another man who pushed him from his table to the bathroom and tried to fight.
The other man was going to throw a punch until the deputy got ahold on him.

June 14
Theft by taking, misdemeanor — Two deputies were dispatched to Lakeside Drive in Midway in reference to a theft.
The complainant said his Honda EG 5000 generator had been taken sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.
The generator, described as old, was last seen in an open carport.

June 15
DUI, disorderly conduct — A gold Chrysler traveling on Leroy Coffer Highway crossed over the center line and fog line several times. When stopped by a deputy, the driver had the car in reverse with his foot on the brake.
The deputy could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath, and the driver’s eyes were red. The deputy asked four times if the driver had been drinking, and the driver replied every time with, “We just returned from Savannah and stopped in Richmond Hill.” He refused to take a breath test.
The driver was asked to get out of his vehicle, and he did after being startled by his car rolling back as it was not in park. The driver was arrested on scene, but when they got to the jail, the driver became argumentative and violent. Three deputies had to put him into a holding cell.

Criminal trespass — A deputy went to Charles Circle in Hinesville because the front door of a woman’s storage shed was kicked in.
The frame of the door was broken. It appeared that an unknown person looked through her things but didn’t take anything. She found the door damaged at 9:30 a.m.
She didn’t know who did it, but she said the area has had a problem with people breaking into houses and cars.

June 17
Matter of record — A Midway resident said someone called her house claiming they were from the IRS and saying she owed $2,908 in back taxes.
The woman later contacted the IRS, and a representative said she did not owe any money.

June 18
Simple battery — Two deputies were dispatched to a verbal argument. The 911 center told the deputies that the woman caller seemed intoxicated and was hard to understand.
When the deputies arrived at the house, a man was sitting on the front porch. He said it was a bad day for him and his wife because his license was suspended, but he needed to go to Florida for a job interview. Because of this, his wife began to drink. He told the deputies that his wife became belligerent and argumentative, but there was no physical contact.
They asked where his wife was, and he pointed toward the bedroom door. She was on the bed with their children, who were asked to leave the room so the wife could talk to the deputies. The husband was asked to watch over the children.
One of the children went to reach for the father, but then the wife struck him. She began screaming obscenities at her husband and the deputies.
The wife was arrested for simple battery.

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