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Liberty-Long counties' sexual offender list
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According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, the registered sex offenders below live in Liberty or Long counties. They include men and woman. The oldest offender was born in 1927 and was convicted of child molestation in 2005. Six offenders are behind bars, while the locations of six others are unknown.
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Alan Shane Binnion, 908 Dunlevie Road (apartment or mobile home park), enticing a child for indecent purposes, convicted June 21, 2002
John Charles Clutter, RR1, child molestation, convicted May 5, 2001
Jerry Lee Davis, 908 Dunlevie Road (apartment or mobile home park), statutory rape; April 5, 2001
Johnathan A. James, McCumber Drive, statutory rape; Aug. 4, 2000
William Richards, Thompson Road, indecent liberties — 2nd degree; July 31, 1996
Corey Vason Shinholster, Talmadge Road, statutory rape; Dec. 17, 2000
Ian Duane Wilkerson, Twin Oaks (mobile home park), statutory rape; Aug. 18, 1997

Charles Miller, Tunie Miller Road, aggravated child molestation; Nov. 29, 1995
Thomas James Mock, Butter Blount Road, child molestation; Feb. 7, 2000
Steven Ray Rickert, Phillips Avenue, criminal sexual conduct, 4th degree; Dec. 11, 1995
Clifford J. Straehly, Mount Olivet Church Road, child molestation; May 5, 2006
Paul J. Zentiska, Cook Road, exploitation of a minor; April 22, 2004

Robert Wiloughby, Old Sunbury Road (apartment or mobile home park), aggravated child molestation; Sept. 13, 1993

Fort Stewart
Victoria Lee Henry, Tamogan Loop, aggravated indecent liberties; Aug. 19, 1996
Bobby Michelle Moody, Chowan Court (apartment complex), solicit to commit — 2nd degree sexual offense; July 27, 2000

Bradley Anderson, Kelly Drive, statutory rape; Jan. 23, 2006
Rodney R. Barrett, Sharon Street (apartment complex), sexual battery; May 2, 2007
Herbert William Boteler, Sabreena Circle, statutory rape; June 18, 2004
Robert I. Foster, Elm Street, child molestation; March 26, 2001
Osborne Lionel Gillard, Brantley Drive (apartment or mobile home park), statutory rape; statutory rape
Monte Grant, Live Oak Church Road (apartment or mobile home park), lewd act; Sept. 23, 1997
Christopher Griggs, Firefinder Lane, child molestation, Jan. 16, 2005
Lee Roy Harris, S. Main Street (apartment or mobile home park), child molestation; May 16, 2006
Timothy V. Klose, Walberg Drive, indecent acts; Oct. 16, 2002
Robert Lewis Kornegay, Easy Street, indecent assault; Jan. 30, 2001
Roger Allen Lien, Mitchell Road, statutory rape; Nov. 18, 1994
John Stewart Madden, Cobra Circle, statutory rape; Jan. 14, 1998
Timothy L. McCarty, Adams Court, indecent acts, liberties with child; March 17, 2004
Eldridge Dwayne Miles, Berkshire Terrace (apartment complex), rape; Sept. 6, 1994
David Richard Murphy, Pineland Avenue (apartment or mobile home park), child molestation; Feb. 3, 1997
Kurtis J. Roers, Desert Shield, sexual exploitation of children; Dec. 5, 2005
James Tippins, Wayfair Lane, rape; Nov. 27, 1990
Jeffrey Lavelle Whitehorn, Buck Road, carnal knowledge child; Nov. 29, 2000
Brandon Leigh Williams, Walberg, statutory rape; May 15, 2007
Nathan Alan Wooten, Sasser Lane (apartment or mobile home park), sodomy; Jan. 24, 2006
Richard Franklin Worrell, Ed Powers Blvd., child molestation; Aug. 17, 1990

Anthony D. Bell, Tibet (mobile home park) indecent liberties with children; Jan. 8, 1996
W.W. Davis, Highway 57, Rt. 1, aggravated child molestation; July 7, 1987
James Elder, Rt. 2 Masadonia Road, child molestation; Nov. 30, 2005
Bruce King, Golden Acres (mobile home park) statutory rape — no force; Feb. 21, 2001
Justin Matthew Nelson, Rt. 3, criminal sexual conduct — 2nd degree; Dec. 12, 2004
Gregory Alan Nethercutt, Rt. 3, criminal sexual act — 2nd degree and rape — 3rd degree; April 7, 2005
Phillip Lamb Tyson, Country Side (mobile home park), rape; July 16, 1992
John K. Wells Jr., Dana Circle, statutory rape; Dec. 16, 2003

Christian Edward Feverlein, Luke Road, sexual exploitation of a child; Jan. 24, 1997
Allen Golden, Amos Bacon Road, child molestation; May 18, 2004
Darrell Deland Harvey, N. Coastal Highway (motel), sexual battery; Oct. 1, 1997
Eddie B. Hayward, Screven Fork Road, sexual battery; July 22, 1999
Ricky Honeycutt, 6600 block of E. Oglethorpe Highway (apartment or mobile home park), child molestation; Dec. 18, 1997
Derrick Lamont Manes, Mill Creek Circle, lewd act upon child; March 12, 1991
William Rudy McMillion, Oak Drive, child molestation; Feb. 4, 1999
Claude Edward Pruitt, Ashlyn Lane, indecent acts, liberties with child under 16, two counts
Macaroni Lee Roberts, Pepper Road, rape; Sept. 1, 1999
Ray Terrell Rowe, Hollingsworth Blvd., aggravated sexual battery; Sept. 16, 2003
Jerry L. Scott, Lake Drive, enticing child for indecent purpose; June 25, 2002
Clay Lamar Strickland, Otto Drive, sexual assault; Sept. 18, 1991
James R. Tomson, Thomas Drive, child molestation; Sept. 12, 2006
Tommy Wadsworth Jr., Beulah Road, lewd, lascivious battery minor; Nov. 11, 2001
Nathaniel Walthour, Screven Ford Road, incest with minor; May 21, 1998
Albert Webster Wells, Otto Drive, aggravated sodomy; April 1, 1993
Harold Wiggins, Terry Drive, sexual exploitation of children; Aug, 19, 1996
Kenneth G. Williams, St. Catherines Street, aggravated assault with intent to rape; Nov. 20, 1999

David Michael Brown, South Coastal Highway, sexual battery; Nov. 9, 2000
William Isaac Gardner, McIver Road, child molestation; March, 3, 1997
Charles Edward Lambert, Briar Bay Road, lewd and lascivious acts on child; Sept. 5, 2006
Melvin Lewis Young, Sandy Run Road, child molestation; Aug. 28,2003

Christopher Todd Adams, W. Oglethorpe Highway (apartment or mobile home park), possession and distribution of child porn; Dec. 10, 2003
Earnest L. Baker, Route 1, rape; Nov. 7, 1991
Ruthern F. Green, W. Kenny Drive, child molestation; May 18, 1999
Michael Tyrone Wise, W. Oglethorpe Highway (apartment or mobile home park), child molestation; Nov. 29, 1996

James R. Brown, Hinesville, sexual abuse; July 2, 1996 (black man, 5’10,” 185 lbs. brown eyes, black hair, born 1953)
Jimmy Daniell, Hinesville, criminal sexual contact; April 2, 1974 (white, 5’,8”, 145 lbs. blue eyes, blonde hair, born 1942
Clifton Jermaine Hall, Riceboro, statutory rape; March 3, 1998 (black 6’, 140 lbs., brown eyes, black hair, born 1976)
Loretta Lynn Harris, child molestation; April 29, 1993 (white female, 5’8,” 200 lbs., green eyes, black hair, born 1964)
Michael Gene Mahoney Jr., child molestation; May 12, 1999 (white male, 6’1”, 160 lbs., brown eyes and hair, born 1979
Eric Shane Sammons, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse; Dec. 3, 1999 (white male, 5’11”, 145 lbs., brown eyes, black hair, born 1983)

Greg Boyd, rape with weapon; Oct. 13, 1989
Luke Kenneth Hines, aggravated sexual abuse; June 25, 1992
Joshua Martinez, child molestation; July 31, 2006
Samuel J. Stephens, criminal sexual conduct with minor; March 17, 2005
Kennard E. Thomas, criminal sexual conduct — 3rd degree; Sept. 11, 1987
David Allen Wilson Jr., statutory rape; Sept. 2, 1997

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