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Little dog shot, maybe by a neighbor
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 24

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

May 13
Cruelty to animals — A woman said she let her little dog out to use the bathroom, but when she went to let it back in, the dog couldn’t move its back legs. She picked up the dog and took him to the veterinarian, who found the dog had been shot with a BB gun. The bullet was lodged in the spinal cord, and the dog had to be put down. The woman thinks her neighbor did it but has no proof.

May 16
Obstructing or hindering law-enforcement officers — An officer was dispatched to a loud argument in progress on Hollywood Drive. A woman and her boyfriend said they were arguing but made no physical contact. They were asked to provide their identification. The girlfriend said that she lost her identification at her mother’s house and wrote down her information instead. Her boyfriend said his identification was in the house, and when he left to supposedly retrieve it, the girlfriend was able to write down his name, month and date of birth. She didn’t know the year he was born. When the boyfriend returned, he told the officer he could not find his wallet. The officer then asked for him to write down the information from his driver’s license. He wrote down his last name and date of birth. He hesitated in writing an address and said he lived at the Hollywood Drive residence. The officer asked for the address on the driver’s license, which the boyfriend said was in Buchanan, Georgia. The man asked the officer, “’How do you spell Buchanan?’ I replied I was unsure because I have never lived there,” the report says He wrote down “Buacan GA” and still didn’t give the address for the area. Because of the different names, the officer grew suspicious and returned to his car to speak to dispatch. The boyfriend then ran eastbound in the trailer park. The officer gave chase through a row of trailers. The chase continued into a wooded area that opened into another trailer park. While weaving through the trailer park, the officer lost sight of the man. A resident then waved at the officer and pointed to a particular area of the park. The officer saw that the skirting of a trailer had been pulled out. Then the man ran away again, and the officer gave chase. He was caught by the officer and secured in double-lock handcuffs. When the boyfriend’s information was run, it showed that he had a warrant from Treutlen County.

Marijuana possession, less than 1 ounce — A deputy and two Georgia State Troopers were standing on the side of Airport Road talking after working a traffic accident. A vehicle passed by, and they smelled marijuana. The car was stopped, and the driver admitted to having “two blunts in his cigarette pack.” A vehicle search yielded a small, clear bag containing a green, leafy substance, a hand-rolled cigarette and a half-smoked hand-rolled cigarette. The driver was arrested for possession of marijuana.

May 17
Dog bite — An officer was called to Live Oak Church Road in reference to a dog biting a juvenile. The woman at the scene said that her son was bitten by a dog on his left side while he was pushing another kid on a swing. The dog was chained to a nearby tree and bit the juvenile as he moved out of the way of the swing. He didn’t realize how close he was to the dog. The officer talked to the homeowner, who said he was not outside when the incident happened. He also said that the dog was left by previous tenants, but he does feed and take care of the dog. It is unknown whether the dog had updated shots. A representative from Environmental Health was notified of the incident.

Criminal trespass, cruelty to children — A woman informed an officer that her cousin caused extensive damage to the inside of her home. She said that when she returned home that evening, she noticed a busted window. There was a confrontation with her cousin, who became irate and started destroying items. He damaged the television, stereo equipment, a glass end table and another window. The woman’s child was present at the time, and she left with her child. She was advised to put together an estimate of damages. The cousin wasn’t there when the officer arrived, and there was no information on where he went.

Simple battery — A woman walked into the Liberty County Jail to report being struck in the back by her landlord. While walking to the mailbox with her neighbor, she said the landlord came up behind her and struck her in the back with his hand. She was fearful to be at her residence alone.  

May 18
Matter of record — A man’s pickup got stuck on the side of the railroad tracks near Limerick Road. He was trying to find a place to fish. While waiting for the tow truck, an employee with the Riceboro Southern Railroad did a brief inspection of the tracks. He said a crew would do a thorough inspection later. The employee was advised to contact the sheriff’s office if the maintenance crew found any damage. The tow truck removed the truck from the tracks.

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